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World Wifi : Free Wifi for the World

Nowadays, Internet facilitates nearly every aspect of our modern life. It is the virtual reality that not only connects people to each other but also provides its users with a large range of information resources and services. Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks of the internet is its cost. Due to that, a large proportion of the population around the world don’t have access to internet. Just imagine how their life may look like!

World Wifi is looking to change this. With the network, free internet is now possible all over the world.

World Wifi In a nutshell:

World Wifi is a global decentralized free network founded by the creator of Adrenta and Radius Wifi services. It is a blockchain-based project that aims to solve the problem of internet availability and cost.

With three key elements: the guest user, the network wifi provider (router owner) and advertisers, the platform is a win-win project.

How is that?

While Wifi providers contribute their excess wifi capacity to the platform, the guest users enjoy free internet browsing. In return to sharing the capacity, wifi providers generate income by earning cryptocurrency. Ads are the key entry to access the shared Wifi. And when guest users view ads, advertisers successfully reach their audience.

About the ICO

World Wifi project is built on the blockchain technology and WeToken.

Country:  Singapour

Token name: WT

Token price: 1WT= 0.1 USD

Total token supply= 600 000 000 WT

Soft cap: 3.5 M USD

Hard cap: 25 M USD

During the pre-sale and the ICO, they will sell ERC-20 tokens.

Currently, the pre-sale is running and only 3 days are left before this stage takes end. Along with the token sale event, the ICO will supply in total 258 000 000 WT. The unsold tokens will be burned. Until now the ICO has reached $4.5 M . The Soft cap has already been collected.

This not all, the project is offering its early investors Bonus and it will be as follows:

As for  Token distribution, it will be distributed along these percentages:

Details of the full solution are available in the World Wifi website and White Paper.


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