Could TRON Be a Bad Investment?

Built on Blockchain, TRON is one of the rising projects that it promises to provide decentralized solutions for content creators. As the network aims to create a Web 4.0 Blockchain Dapp Platform, it allows users to freely publish, store and owns data.

TRON has come to light  in September 2017 and has cut miles in less than half a year.

Certainly, Justin Sun, TRON’s CEO has handled well scaling his project  to the point that he has gained a large community of users and adopters.

Even more, in the last two days TRON has grabbed more increasingly  the attention of many investors following the test net news. The beta version of the project will take place by the end of this month, on 31st of March. Straightaway, the countdown is near its end, as only 4 days are left before the release day. The event triggered March bull-run. Many investors deem that is now or never to go long with TRX. People are excited about the cryptocurrency and believe that TRON shapes up to have a bright future and has the potential to take the entertainment industry to a whole other level.

While other currencies are sunk in drops, TRX, the ticker under TRON on exchanges, surged by 100% its price from $0.02 to $0.04 with a massive demand for the coin among its supporters  in just a week.

TRX advocates are judged to be enthusiastic about the coin because they believe that  the young Justin Sun is backed up by Jack Ma, Alibaba founder.

It is worth mentioning that the full main net release is on schedule for 31st of May. Once it launches, the platform will rely on its own blockchain breaking away from Ethereum blockchain.

Also the company plans to reduce the number of available tokens by burning part of them.At present, the total supply is of 100 000 000 000 TRX and has already a circulating supply of  65 748 192 476 TRX.

As of its success story, TRON ranks the 13th cryptocurrency behind Monero. The coin is ahead of NEM, Tether and Qtum with a market cap of $2.5 Billion and a trading volume of $311 737 000 USD during the last 24h. Currently, it is trading at $0.04. On Koinex exchange, the digital currency ranks first in terms of trading volume, gaining ground against Bitcoin and other altcoins.

To speak cautiously, is it worth the investment in a project that was scandalized by its plagiarized white paper? and has so long faced severe criticism? 



Meryam Taghouti

I'm a BBA graduate from Tunis Business School, My passion for the Blockchain Technology and cryptocurrencies has led me to research and write about the crypto world.

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