Meet the world largest decentralized ecosystem

Finally, rumors are confirmed! BitTorrent is now officially a part of Tron and it was just announced.

BitTorrent said in their official blog that it will now operate from Tron’s new San Francisco offices and support the blockchain project’s global development.

In 2001, BitTorrent, the world’s first decentralized internet protocol was created. At a point, it transmitted 40% of the daily internet’s traffic during those 17 years ago. However, today BitTorrent is acquired by Tron with the main goal of further being developed, to decentralize the Web by promotions and advancement of BitTorrent’s protocol.

Justin Sun in the Medium page of Tron Foundation said:

With the integration of BitTorrent, TRON aims to liberate the Internet from the stranglehold of large corporations, give data rights back to the individual, and reignite the early 21st century vision of a free, transparent, decentralized network to connect the world, because the internet belongs to the people.

On the other hand, BitTorrent recently looked to calm users about the acquisition, stating that it “has no plans to change what we do or charge for the services we provide. We have no plans to enable mining of cryptocurrency now or in the future.” meaning that there will not change their business model and will not charge fees for any of its main services.

This acquisition of BitTorrent and its products will make Tron the world’s largest decentralized ecosystem that currently has an active user base of over 150 million.

By Khalil Liouane

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