Le Tour de France Marks the Presence of Blockchain

176 is the total number of cyclists for this year’s grand road bicycle race, «Le Tour de France». However, a special guest is on the list, none other than the Blockchain Technology.

This year’s 106th edition (Saturday 6th-Sunday 28th) counts as the first time where Blockchain is being used in such a grandiose sporting event watched by over one billion viewers, and broadcasted by 80 channels in 190 countries.

Tour de france BlockchainThe National Agency of Frequencies [ANFR], responsible for the maintenance and control over the use  of frequencies, hoped to get a better hold of the regions with «free» frequencies, which refer to frequency ranges that have not been exploited without a license by short-range devices, or in other terms; frequencies that have not been owned or privatised by TV stations, radio stations or any other party.
With the massive presence of entities wishing to take a record of the event (media, professionals, amateurs…) coming in large numbers from different countries, the likelihood of two or more entities to fall into the same «free» frequency is higher. This leads to an interference in both emissions and a garble of signals.

Cyclists’ go through dead zones during their journey, like the Gilbert Mountain pass where no 4G is to be noted, making the use of «Free» frequencies crucial.

Not all heroes wear capes, and not all participants ride bikes. Unlike most participants, Blockchain didn’t sign up for a two-wheel race, its role is to assure a fair distribution of frequencies in a way that no two actors can be on the same frequency line, and thus, deliver the best emission possible. The establishment of Blockchain will guarantee transparency in the process of information sharing.

The [ANFR] collaborated with “Blockchain Partner” to create a private Ethereum-based Blockchain and a platform that can be used by companies that want to use «free» frequencies in Worldwide events like the famous “Tour de France”, but also in more humble manifestations, as came in the words of Clément Jeanneau, co-founder of Blockchain Partner.

It is often said that Blockchain is a solution that seeks a problem. On the contrary, this use on Tour is a good illustration of what this technology can bring us

Underlines Jeanneau.

 ANFR shows satisfaction with this Blockchain debut and intends to retain it and standardize its use for the next events to come, including 2024 Paris Summer Olympics.


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