Hard Fork

When it first came to light, Ethereum has been resistant to ASIC but everything is about to change after the new miner release by a china-based company.

On tuesday 3rd of April, Bitmain, the top-one company in mining hardware providers announced via Twitter that it is releasing Antminer E3 which is an Ethach ASIC miner.

The tweet confirmed rumors spread few days prior the official announcement. Confidently now, it isn’t another April fools joke.


Antminer E3, The latest ASIC miner from Bitmain, is adaptable with Ethash Proof-of-work protocol. In other words,The company promises to deliver a new miner that is capable to use ASIC chips on purpose to mine all Ethash-based cryptocurrencies.

The first Ethash miner would fill GPU miner’s shoes. Moreover, it is believed by the producer that Antminer E3 would be the world’s most powerful and energy efficient with conservative estimates of 180 MH/s.

About Antminer E3:

The product is set at $800 the unit and will be available for purchase in july.

Bitmain, the company will only accept dollar and Bitcoin Cash.

Noteworthy, the purchase is limited to 5 miners for each user in the first batch.

Except China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, the product will be available elsewhere around the globe.

Ethereum Would kiss GPU good bye?

Since the release of the new mining hardware, the Ethereum community has been in two minds of “to fork or not to fork” by reason of  of hashpower centralization approach.

Piper Merriam, an Ethereum developer has suggest an Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP). This 958 EPI is about modifying block mining to be ASIC resistant.

Up until now the post collected  1081 in favour of the fork opposed to only 45. The majority went to support the fork on purpose to reinstate ASIC resistance.

What else?

Ethereum adopters have identified an ETH address wallet which is suspicious to be related to the company. With reference to the wallet, It seems like Bitmain has already been using the miners privately. Is it possible?


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