Cryptopia, the New Zealand-based cryptocurrency exchange that was hacked in the second week of this January, relaunched their website after more than a month.

According to the exchange’s last tweet on Monday (March 4, 2019), the website is live. However, it’s “read-only” site, meaning that users can only check their balance for now.

Users are now able to reset their two-factor authentication (2-FA) credentials and account passwords. The exchange confirms that it will be using customers’ balances held from January 14, just before the attack, as a basis for further calculating rebates. Moreover, the cryptocurrency exchange announced that it will refund customers affected by the hack.

On the other hand, after the $16 million hack in mid-January, the New Zealand Police reported that Cryptopia was ready to resume its operations. However, the crypto exchange had still remained in maintenance mode. The exchange explained that it was no able to resume trading until identifying losses and ensuring a complete secure balance.

In addition, Despite the fact that Cryptopia announced that March 4 will be the launch date of its website, the blockchain exchange has delayed the live website relaunch to be one day later, March 5, due to technical issues.

Considered as the first hack of the year, the attack created a controversial debate all over the social media. Until today, some of the crypto community claimed that the exchange had lost more than half of its digital assets and it’s impossible to restore them. Others, even, called it an exit scam. However, the platform denied all the statement saying that only 10% of funds were stolen, to be exact 9.4% after assessing the damage.

With no specific details or even given dates, until now, Cryptopia confirms that it will release more details in the next few days.

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