Stacks Foundation to distribute STX Token for the development of the Blockchain Ecosystem.

Web 3.0 educators, developers and platform boosters can now have funding from Blockstack’s nonprofit arm – as long as their blockchain projects focus on the Stacks ecosystem.

Under the Stacks Open Internet Foundation’s beta grant program, projects will get between $1,000 and $5,000 to support their visions for Stacks blockchain tools, initiatives, evangelism, and development.

Funding these small projects will help grow Stacks’ community and facilitate its mission, For now, the foundation said it will provide stacks tokens (STX)rather than dollar. That’s a notable break from the crypto space’s now commonplace practice of fostering development with grants in their target project’s native token.

The foundation has no shortage of the token. Last month Blockstack PBC turned 100 million STX tokens (worth 30millions roughly) over to Stacks.


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