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There is a serious problem in the market of scientific startups. A huge number of promising scientific projects are shelved at a design stage and will be never commercialized. The reasons for it may be different ranging from the inability of scientists to promote the project to realizing by investor the possibility of return on funding.


To help solve this problem ScientificCoin has created a crowdfunding platform with an hybrid evaluation system: mathematical algorithms plus a decentralized assessment of scientific and research projects with the help of blockchain technology. We aim that ScientificCoin platform will change the way how scientific and research projects raise funds and will be the main tool VCs to assess risks.

Today it’s time to update the progress. What’s new?

We announced of ScientificCoin platform in June 2018 and launched a beta version. We are working on building a complete scientific ecosystem that includes crowdfunding platform, science freelance platform (Hireascientist) and online educational platform –Monsterbrain.

Today the platform has got more than 160,000 users, including 1,500+ scientists. All of them are experts capable to assess the project. Their evaluations will help potential investors to evaluate the potential and risks of scientific projects.

We are building a worldwide scientific community. We are working to attract to the project of various universities, research centers, scientists and students from around the world.

We actively participate in crypto and blockchain shows, meetups and conferences around the world and receive much positive feedback from the community. For example, the ScientificCoin project won an Oscar at the Blockshow Americas 2018, a very prestigious award in the blockchain community.

Are there already some examples of successful implementation of projects listed on the crowdfunding platform?

The pilot project of ScientificCoin platform – Health Monitor – turned out to be successful and now it gains its popularity among the partners and customers over the world.

Having raised funding with the help of crowdfunding and having finished the development, the ScientificCoin team presented the Health Monitor device in Las Vegas in 2018.
Health Monitor is the world 1st patented devices for non-invasive monitoring of various potential diseases through an exhaled air analysis. Health Monitor allows for quick, convenient and relatively cheap early off-clinic monitoring of potential diseases. Diabetes indicators can be detected at the moment with some more diseases including stomach ulcer are added soon.

Today Health Monitor is a commercial project, the devices are being installed in public places like shopping malls around the world. We install devices on our own, we also cooperate with partners on franchising terms.

Anyone can already test their health with Health Monitor in San Francisco (California), Austin (Texas), Prague, Brno, Olomouc (Czech Republic), Novosibirsk (Russia), Emden (Germany), Xiamen (China). We also have a lot of applications for partnership from different countries of the world, and in the near future, the geography of Health Monitor will significantly expand.

Hire a scientist. What for?

The freelance market for scientists and researchers is specific and unique. The traditional freelance market is based on the same type and common professional competencies. But creating a scientific product (device, research, new material, report, etc.) requires unique skills. Often, only a few specialists on the planet have such rare skills. The equipment that is used in research is also unique. A customer of the scientist’s labor must clearly understand what he is ordering. That is why it is much more profitable to hire a physicist who has already solved a similar problem or done a similar job than to hire a physicist of general competence.

ScientificCoin will create a global science ecosystem with the freelance Platform as an integral part of it. The analysis showed that five of the six users of our platform are related to the scientific industry, and four of them are ready to look for a full-time or a part-time job in their specialty using the platform. In addition, scientists participating in projects evaluation and having a high rating on the main ScientificCoin platform will get more chances to get a good job on the freelance platform.

What is Monsterbrain?

The team supports not only scientists but also ambitious and striving for self-education students. Monsterbrain is a free platform for educational purposes and the popularization of science. We aim the platform to function as an online university. MonsterBrain is an opportunity not only to become smarter but also to earn on it. The platform provides incentives that additionally motivate learning.


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