Samsung creating a crypto wallet

During last year December, it was announced that Samsung filed a number of trademark applications in the European Union for various cryptocurrency services including the “Blockchain KeyStore” in order to be used for storing crypto keys in mobile devices. No specific phone model was mentioned in the documents. However, a recent leak appears to report that the upcoming Galaxy S10 will be integrated with the cryptocurrency wallet “Blockchain KeyStore”.


Yesterday, a few images confirming the Blockchain KeyStore app popped up on Twitter, courtesy of Gregory Blake and Ben Geskin. In the photos, the supposed Galaxy S10 device is seen running the cryptocurrency service.

Other images uploaded recently by Verge show Samsung listing multiple “cryptocurrencies,” but only Ethereum (ETH) is now visible.

According to SamMobile reports, Samsung cryptocurrency service would be split into two parts. A first part will be a cold wallet responsible for saving digital currencies, public and private keys, and signing private keys for transactions. The second wallet will be a crypto wallet for viewing account information, transfers and transaction history.

The Galaxy S10 is not be the first smartphone to feature a cryptocurrency wallet. HTC’s Exodus 1 may be the first smartphone from a major device maker with built-in cryptocurrency support. However, with Samsung joining the fray it will undoubtedly that it will affect the future of phones in integrating the blockchain technology.


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