More than 1,000% pump from nowhere in a night, Japan Content Token JCT

Having an altcoin pump from nowhere in a very short time and then the altcoin disappears, is the rule rather than the exception for most of the new cryptocurrencies. This seems the case for Japan Content Token (JCT).

japan content token jct

Actually, in a few hours, JCT gained more than 1,000% in price overnight. In addition, JCT’s market cap went from around $11 million to more than $114 million on Tuesday, 7 May.

The token sits among the first top eighty tokens by market cap. However, the question remains about how much would it take JCT to get back to its initial price. As for today, its price has decreased from 0.38$ to 0.24$.

Japan Content Token (JCT) in a glance

Based on the Ethereum blockchain, JCT is a mixed platform for insurance and resale of ownership certification. The company website has links to shops which sell various goods, specifically for outdoor activities and camping, including tents, outdoor stoves, and deckchairs. Most of the documentation is in Japanese. However, the website included so much about the currency neither the blockchain technology behind it.




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