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Potentiam: Let’s Make Music Great Again!


“I got that sunshine in my pocket
Got that good soul in my feet
I feel that hot blood in my body when it drops”

That’s Justin Timberlake, singing and dancing on “Can’t stop the feeling”. I happen to dance on it every time I hear it. Well, artists give a glance of their souls into their music which is priceless.

The current problem is that artists don’t get rewarded on their music the way they should. The music business is monopolized by intermediates who take a huge bunch of money to get music to fans.

Marcus O Adetola, who spent a life time in the music industry, knows this quite well. He, along with his fellows, team and advisors, want to topsy-turvy the situation and grant the musicians their fair reward.

They localize the problem at the core structure of the music industry: unfairly, the intermediate is at the center of the structure and benefiting the most from it. So, Potentiam decided to reverse it:


Vision: Giving Voice Back to Artists

 The solution rests in decentralizing the whole structure in a way that makes the system profitable for the artists and for their fans:

In so doing, artists wouldn’t have to resort to the middleman to make their music reachable.

Potentiam is a platform with a social dimension that allows composers and performers to co-create music, take care of self-advertising and to find harmony with other artists for eventual collaborations.

Blockchain overthrones the middleman, and place smart contracts instead to make the fan-artist connection possible. In this way, the artist conducts all the music-producing process.

The team

The team combines members with decent experience in both the blockchain technology and in the music industry: starting from the founder Marcus O Adetola, who is coming from the heart of music management, to Ali Zain, the expert in Blockchain technology, and co-founder Ideofuzion, and Ben Balogun, the opportuny-hunter entrepreneur.

The trio along with all the other members seems to blend the three ingredients that would turn the project into a success.

They’re backed up by solid members with great experience in the domain, like Daniel Lerner, who is a 4 time Grammy winning engineer, and has worked with Mick Jagger, Daft Punk, Pharrel Williams etc.

PTM and token Distribution:

The PTM token is the steppingstone for the Potentiam platform. The total number is 100,000,000 tokens. One Eth equals 4000 PTM, the team has fixed the presale Hard Cap at 5000 Eth and the total Hard Cap at 15 000 ETH

The bonuses during the first week of the presale are 20% for 3000 Ether, and then drop to 18% during the second week for 5000 Ether.

The main sale starts off 2 weeks after the beginning of the presale. The bonuses are 12% for 9000 during the first week, which drops to 8% for 12000 Ether during the second week, and then 4% during the third for 14 000 Ether.

The token distribution goes like this:

Road Map and Milestones:

The idea started in 2016 with the founding of, the emerging artist showcase platform with 150,000 subscribers. Potentiam has been founded out of this latter platform.

In November 2017, Potentiam launched the Alpha platform with 5000 artists to test.

Here are the steps to come:

So, by the 2019, would Potentiam turn into the utopian land for artists?


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