IOS first dedicated Proof-of-Stake Wallet: PIVX

Despite Apple’s policy against cryptocurrency related apps in its App Store, the Private Instant Verified Transactions (PIVX) just managed to launch their wallet app for iOS devices, making it the first anonymous Proof-Of-Stake (POS) cryptocurrency that has an iOS wallet application.

Apple’s guidelines on Cryptocurrency applications has left most projects depending on third-party applications like Coinomi which provide multiple coin storage options. Obviously, PIVX new announcement may represent a fundamental shift in the way crypto apps are treated on Apple platforms.

PIVX was planning to have their wallet app since 2017 as mentioned in a response to one of the community member in twitter and according to their calendar, it was planned to be during January 2018.

However with the antagonistic stance, Apple and most mainstream corporations have taken against cryptocurrency, this was delayed several times. However, the question remains about how PIVX managed to get their wallet app approved. In fact, they claim that the community played a huge role in this approvement, especially a member who goes by the name “Buer”. After failing an initial application to the App Store, Buer re-applied under an Italian software development LLC. This re-application was with the help of the PIVX core developer Matias Furszyfer (known as “Furszy” in the community) and a number of dedicated investors. This is when Pivx got final approval from Apple.

Buer announced after the approval:

After months of engaging with Apple Support, we finally made it. This is a huge step forward for the PIVX network and the greater blockchain community as a whole. PIVX is now accessible to anyone with an iOS device with just a few taps.

This approval is certainly considered as a huge step for the PIVX project since their core values turnaround financial privacy as a “non-negotiable basic human right”. According to Chad Ballantyne, community leader and creative director at PIVX

Our desire is widespread adoption, and to be the most used cryptocurrency in the world. Being on the App Store means we now have a greater opportunity to do so.

As future plans, PIVX team plans to continue development towards its goals and to make true financial security and privacy something everyone can enjoy.

To get your hands on the new wallet and join the PIVX financial revolution, just search the Apple App store for “PIVX”.

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