PewDiePie joining DLive, ‘The blockchained Youtube’

PewDiePie, the world top youtube content creator by subscriber numbers, is now part of DLive, the blockchain-based live streaming platform.

dlive pewdiepie

Felix Kjellberg, the 29-year-old Swedish content creator under the handle PewDiePie, has signed a deal with DLive platform. Felix announced this “exclusive” deal on a video in his channel. According to his announcement, Felix believes that there is a need for a platform that puts creators first. He emphasized that his first DLive stream will be on 14 April (Tomorrow). He will be donating up to $50,000 to other streamers through the platform

Currently, DLive is rewarding both content creators and viewers with its native token ‘Lino Points”, unlike other platforms. In addition, the platform is not taking any percentage of earnings and does not charge fees to content creators. Mainly, it’s treating streamers like partners.

As of today, PewDiePie is one of the most popular streamers. His channel has around 94 million subscribers and around 21 billion views. His annual income from Youtube is over $10 million with the platform receiving around the same amount of income from the streamer.

Pewdiepie taking part in DLive, is not only a mass adoption for the platform, but also for the blockchain technology. In fact, with his huge fan base, blockchain will be accessible for everyone!


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