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Opera Adds Bitcoin and Tron to its Crypto Wallet

Opera, the third most used browser, is now releasing a version that supports Bitcoin and Tron cryptocurrencies.

According to an article published on Opera blogs, the browser is launching its beta version no. 53 adding Bitcoin and Tron to its crypto wallet that makes it possible for users to make transactions.

Before the update, Opera used to only support Ethereum tokens in its integrated Crypto wallet, but they’re now expanding to add Bitcoin [BTC] and Tron [TRX]. It expressed the importance of adding Bitcoin and expanding on other cryptocurrencies, especially that Bitcoin’s fame and value keeps climbing up. 

However, Opera noted how Bitcoin has been widely used value storage and speculation but relatively rarely used for transactions. They viewed that Tron too has a growing blockchain and is worth being added to their wallet, so now with this new version users are enabled to buy and sell Tronix and Bitcoins and view their transaction history.

The announcement was made July 10th.

It became «the first major browser to include a native Crypto Wallet and Web 3 explorer» in 2018. With this move, it is clear that Opera wishes to lead further development in Web 3 technologies.

Opera also announced that  they’re working on the integration of this update in all different devices and systems (on PC, Android, and IOS), noting that this upgrade will ease crypto transactions that once required an extension, a wallet application or a third actor to complement the browser.

Ultimately, Opera affirms that it offers a more inclusive and user-friendly platform for people.


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