North Korea holding another blockchain and cryptocurrency conference

The Republic of North Korea is set to host another conference on blockchain and Cryptocurrency. The nation has shown interest in holding a blockchain technology  conference just six months after previously hosting one. The previous conference was held in August of last year.

Additionally, the country proclaimed to have taken measures to host some of the leading experts in the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem. The event is said to be a week-long meeting, starting April 18. A meeting where Leading men and women in the blockchain community are invited to share their ideas and knowledge. Furthermore, Independent UK reported that within the same week guests and delegates will also have the opportunity to explore the country.

According to a website for the blockchain event, experts in the “blockchain and crypto industry will gather for the first time in Pyongyang to share their knowledge and vision, establish connections and discuss business opportunities”. Nevertheless, the conference will not be open to representatives from South Korea, Israel, and Japan. Journalists or “any mass propaganda or printed/digital material that is against the dignity of the Republic” are not welcomed according to reports.

As of late,The Republic of North Korea has been showing vast interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. It is widely believed that the nation has been eyeing the possibility to use digital currency as a way to evade some of the sanctions imposed on her by the United States and its allies.




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