IZETEX: Erasing the frontier between Reality and .. Virtuality

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Website: https://izx.io/

Whitepaper: Displayed in direct download on the website (In Russian)

Pre-ICO: 25 Million tokens, starting November 13th to November 28th, 2017, Status: Ongoing.

ICO facts: 25 Million tokens for sale from November 29th, 2017 to April 30th, 2018

Token type: IZK tokens, Ethereum token ERC-20 standard.

Initial token price: 1,0 $

In a nutshell: Solutions for loyalty games, Marketing campaigning, Augmented reality games.

Editor’s Notes and Disclosure: The author holds no business stakes or dividends at the startup. This article is an informative one. Both the author and Decentral Magazine encourage our readers to seek advice from a financial advisor and do their due diligence before considering any investment.

 IZX Token

Let’s face it, cryptocurrency is becoming a mainstream trend, increasingly adopted by societies and businesses around the globe. And you are probably missing out on a chance to own the most accessible cryptocurrency, IZX, laying literally under your feet. Wait, what? Well, IZX token is the only cryptocurrency easily picked up from the ground using a smartphone. Izetex company, the creator of IZX token concept, developed a mobile application using the technology of augmented reality. Sounds like Pokémon Go for crypto and Matrix fans? Because it kind of is. This is the story of a game, where you are looking for IZX tokens in your surroundings and hunting them. You gotta catch ’em all indeed.

Decentral Magazine met with Mr. Alexander Gryanznov, co-founder, business development officer and responsible for the marketing of IZETEX during the “Blockchain Solutions 2017” forum in Barcelona. The interview was informative and passionating, and we tried to sum it up below.

IZX project at a glance

IZX provides a monetization platform for independent developers of games with elements of augmented or virtual reality. The advertising provider may choose promotional events games and their developers get royalties. In fact, IZX is based on a blockchain platform: its code is open source and has no geographical boundaries.

For advertisers using Izetex product, it’s an effective loyalty program platform. It allows them to capture a targeted audience and convert them from virtual interest to stores, services, and marketplaces.

By creating a branded appearance of the token, advertisers can place it in specific geo-locations and target based on audience interests, location, and preferences. Players, on the other end of the deal, collect the token during the game and may exchange it for a “reward”, defined by advertisers, say a discount or a prize.

Izetex uses the technologies of data analysis and machine learning to segment audience by multiple criteria. Izetex generates revenue from the “freemium” business model, where advertisers may run a limited campaign for free, while to scale they should buy tokens. The first presentation of the product was at Blockchain conference in Innopolis, Russia on 29 August 2017. The participants at the conference took a try ar the game in the conference hall, Innopolis streets and even villages nearby, with the real prizes and rewards. That was plenty fun and profit for several hundreds of the first players of IZX game.

App Demo. Source: IZX Whitepaper

IZETEX Roadmap and key dates

IZX team worked really hard on the development of an operational product and succeeded in doing so. Currently, in the midst of the Pre-ICO (started on November 13th, 2018), crowdsale investors are allowed to buy from 25’000’000 IZK tokens available (from a total supply of 50 M).

The ICO is planned for November 29th, 2018. As a matter of fact, four stages will be deployed consequently, showcasing a rather original business plan highly focused on value and wide adoption, rather than quick crowd-funding.

The implementation will span from October 15th, 2017 until June 30th, 2018. A four years total roadmap plan involves the Adoption, Scaling and Global Spread.


  IZETEX Team. Source: IZX Official Twitter

The website lists 8 team members, and 2 advisors all showcasing an impressive background of software architecture and deployment, Blockchain expertise, and global positioning.

A Key team member is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Aexey Zagainov, a Blockchain entrepreneur with successful experience in technological project’s development with 11 years experience in environmental regulation and digital technologies.

Also, Mr. Alexander Gryaznov makes the list. The company co-founder, Business Development Officer, and Cryptology Expert is a senior 10 years+ experienced programmer. He is regarded for founding and conducting the first academic course on Ethereum at Innopolis University.


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