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Dive into the Marketing’s new era with BITCOMO

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Pre-ICO: Ongoing, running until December 1st, 2017.

ICO: Planned for January 16th, 2018

In a nutshell: An online advertising and affiliate marketing platform.


BitComo is the next generation of performance marketing, and the first decentralized Cost Per Action platform, based on the Blockchain Technology. As a matter of fact, this ambitious project actively uses smart contracts for online advertising. It enables companies to better analyze the data collected from web users. Hence, this gives them the opportunity to precisely target audiences on a large scale at a much lower cost compared to traditional marketing tools.

We had the chance to meet Mr. Ivan Karadzhov, co-founder of BitComo, during the “Blockchain Solutions Forum” 2017, in Barcelona. The interview is summarized herewith.

BitComo at a glance

The way BitComo looks at it is innovation at its finest to bypass traditional e-marketing challenges. One of the major e-marketing challenges has always been exposed to a “targeted audience”. It enhances marketing efficiency and optimizes budgets. BitComo knows all too well its customers and leverages the know-how and expertise of a talented crowd. Its procedures lean towards a full understanding of advertisers and users alike while designing a solution around the need from both ends. Advertisers typically use their information resources, and technical knowledge to target adequate crowds for each product or service, without considering the random aspects of buying in general.

BitComo praises itself for being the choice to channel exclusive announcements to a specific audience that is genuinely interested in buying the advertised product or service.

Late and/or elusive payings has always been a common problem in affiliate marketing. Several attempts to resolve it has been unsatisfactory for editors and advertisers alike. BitComo is a serious reattempt to solve the problem by looking at it from an entirely different perspective.If payment is instantaneous and protected by smart-contracts, then there will be no problem, to begin with!

Smart-contracts are key here, and for the advertisers, a small allocated budget will cut considerable losses down the road. Fraud risks are completely mitigated through an inherent capability of the Blockchain: transparency.

Roadmap and key milestones

The project’s roadmap is compiled in incremental steps, starting from the pre-ICO, all the way to the project deployment.

The pre-ICO started in November 2017 and would be running until the end of the month. It achieved total sales of 1224099.2 BM from 4000000 BM tokens available.

Fundraising target is set to 8 160 000 $ soft cap, mainly allocated for marketing and platform development purposes.

The BM tokens sale is ongoing as we speak, and the project is directed towards integrating cryptocurrencies in exchanges. BM will, in fact, be tradable on exchanges and the proprietary Tokenstore inside platform. Bittrex, CoinOne and Huobi are prospective exchanges currently in negotiations. Investors will have the chance to buy from 122 400 000 token available.

The BitComo Team

BitComo Blockchain Forum
BitComo Co-founder Ivan Karadzhov in the Blockchain Solutions Forum, BCN 2017

The website lists an impressive number of team members and world-class advisors for the project. The team offers varied expertise, seniority, and qualification but also showcasing an impressive gender equality. Key members are  Mr. Ivan Karadzhov (Co-Founder of BitComo and CEO of AdPop), Mr. Nick Evdokimov (Blockchain Advisor, CEO and Alex Grus (CMO) and Miss Elena Merkulova(CIS Market Manager).


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