The new exciting IOS app updates brought to you by Huobi !


Wednesday 18th, Huobi Global released an iOS app update, version 3.4.7, so that iPad and iPhone users can carry out transactions more swimmingly on Huobi Pro.

So Basically, the amend that’s made on the previous app takes in five major improvements, all of which are user-experience-centered: they’re specifically accustomed to facilitating the crypto trading experience for Huobi users.

Users can update their existing app or download the full app via the app store by clicking here.

Among the five improvements aforementioned, we have three features that we think are the most brainy ones:

HB10 is now available:  

The easy access to Huobi 10 Index (HB10) on iOS is definitely one of the most exciting improvements imparted by the upgrade. The HB10, also referred to as “the weather vane of digital assets”, is framed to notify users about the top 10 highest performing digital assets. The select coins are assessed based on their market value, liquidity, technological superiority and volume turnover.

HB10 operates through analyzing the overall market performance in no time. Having this feature on iOS devices enables you to get a single aggregated market feed instead of having to check one digital asset at a time. Besides, you’ll have a more diverse portfolio and you’ll get to manage it more effectively while you keep track of your trading performance.

Quick Kline Access

Our second best feature that will surely improve users trading experience on Huobi Pro is its simplified access to currency data: Accessing additional data has become much easier thanks to this user-friendly feature, you’d merely have to hold or click on any given currency chart. Not only that, you can also get an overview of important currency trends including the day’s high and low, opening and closing prices, percentage changes as well as executed trade volumes.

HB10 swap in and swap out are now available:

This third feature related HB10 should be very handy for Huobi users, in fact, HB10 represents the 10 component coins of HB 10 Index. All types and shares of the component coins are bound to change quarterly with HB 10 Index;

For the Swap-in: Users can swap HB10 with 10 component coins they have.

And for the Swap-out: Users can swap 10 component coins with HB10 they have.

⇒ an easier swap between HB10 and any of its component coins.

And there’s definitely a lot more to the updated app! For instance, the animated interface that offers a more dynamic user experience and the perfectly convenient switch option between day and night modes: given all these exciting new features, no wonder you would want to be an “early bird”! All you’ll have to do is download the Huobi Global app or update your existing version by clicking here.



Wejden Khachaa

Marketing/Finance Bachelor, worked in several tech start-ups at a young age, her passion for blockchain and her firm belief that it will change the world one day inspires her to write about related topics.

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