International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) reveals its blockcahin initiative



The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) is in the process of implementing blockchain technology in all of its systems. Known as the world largest trade organization, the ICC recently signed a contract with decentralized cloud computing marketplace Perlin Net group.

Through this partnership, the International Chamber of Commerce will make blockchain available for approximately 45 million of its global members. Among them are the likes of FedEx, Coca Cola, Amazon, Paypal and McDonald’s.

Additionally, ICC started this initiative to introduce its members’ companies to blockchain technology and more importantly to attract users to the Perlin blockchain platform. Known as the ICC Blockchain/DLT Alliance, this new project will allow companies working with ICC to discover the Perlin Net Group and its Decentralized product, which has the potential to improve the supply chain and simplify cross-border trade finance.

In general, this Initiative has for aim to solve issues of transparency and traceability for members firms and companies represented by ICC in over 130 countries. Furthermore, the Perlin platform will provide its members with free and unlimited access to its blockchain technology during the pilot phase of the project.

The blockchain platform is already enacting on its pilot phase. As per multiple reports, Perlin is currently applying its blockchain formula for traceability app working with textiles and fabric producer Asia Pacific Rayon (APR). Known as “Follow Our Fibre”, the project has for goal to provide transparency to APR’s clients by following and monitoring key stages of textiles production.

On a more Important note, Perlin’s CEO, Dorjee Sun believes that blockchain mass adoption can only be attainable by building tools that are ”practical, scalable, cost-effective and add substantial value for businesses of all sizes”.

It is fair to assume that only through its massive user base, the ICC has the potential to become a huge driving force behind blockchain mass adoption, as the organization has numerous blockchain projects underway.



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