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ICO Review : Datecoin

The Blockchain and Cryptocurrency world is more fun than what i imagined, Crypto-holders get to spend there coins on other things beside business, and since they are mostly very busy men and have no time to see other people, Nikita Anufriev with his team created the perfect dating service for them. Datecoin ladies and gents, is your new dating favorite app.

According to Nikita Anufriev, DateCoin CEO, the project is intended to revolutionize the industry with intelligent online dating service, that blends breakthrough technologies and team professional experience.

About Datecoin -DTC-

DTC exchange rate is 1 DTC= 0.00025 ETH

Minimum token purchase is equivalent to 0,1 ETH

Soft cap: € 3 500 000

No need to say it outloud, it’s pretty clear, the Datecoin app uses Blockchain Ethereum  smart contracts

DateCoin ICO starts on March 30, 2018. With the successful PreSale (finished in December, 2017), 18M tokens have been sold and 2213.75 ETH have been raised.

DTC is an ERC20 highly liquid utility token for fruitful dating worldwide with successful business model employed and user-based growth mechanics implemented. According to the Roadmap, the service audience will reach 20M users by the year 2020.

The company expects most of them buying tokens at the open market for in-app purchases . Moreover, DTC demand will be several times higher compared to emission, according to the team’s estimations.

An agreement has been stalled between token buyers and the Datecoin team, no tokens were generated  during the presale. The buyer transferred BTC and ETH to Datecoin wallet, the wallet number and further instructions were published on the official web site when the sale starts. The token will be transferred to the buyers wallets after the closing of the sale.  The token buyback will be carried out through a smart contract using a clear and transparent pricing policy. The smart contract for token buyback were posted in DateCoin account on before the start of the token presale.

The dating market problems and the DateCoin solution

This industry is booming with a projected growth of $6 billion by 2019.  The dating services in the market attracts millions of people with different goals, and despite the multiple filters used, users waist hours having to scroll down tones of profiles to find a match. So the main problem remaining  unsolved is the low search relevance results. In addition to that, there’s uncontrollable money drain from the users accounts without any notifications, necessary subscriptions and  large number of fake accounts. Denim app  is here to change all that with the synergy of artificial intelligence and effective business modeling for pragmatic dating service.

It seems to be that both i and Nikita Anufriev share the same opinion, according to him

“all existing dating services have multiple problems, preventing them from doing quick and relevant search. Nowadays, online dating services users waste more of their time. Even with all the requirements clearly stated, it is still almost impossible to get relevant results. At the same, the users are constantly asked for additional fees. Numerous fake accounts are even worse noting. All these problems are obvious, but remain unsolved. DateCoin is about to revolutionize dating industry with artificial intelligence and big data processing. We will design a unique system capable of in-depth analysis of users preferences and providing him with the pool of the best matching partners. Fake accounts problem will be solved with blockchain. The trusted user can verify the identity of his partner  via transaction entry in DateCoin distributed data register. Upon completion this procedure, the partner becomes trusted and is able to verify identity of other users.”

So the goal here is to apply artificial intelligence into the business model networking, therefor to provide an exceptional dating experience with matching partners.

App features

Regular app features can be purchased for fiat money, whereas exclusive ones will be available for DTC only. For instance, the user initially has access to 5 photos and 1 video. To get access to all videos for 3 days, he should pay, let’s say, 10 tokens. Token can even be used for getting unlimited lifetime access to the service. Moreover, compared to fiat money purchases, when paying with tokens, the users are eligible for special offers. That is how token demand is stimulated.

“Right now we have working dating app Denim with 700K+ audience (MVP DateCoin). We expect those users to be interested in buying DTC tokens at the initial stage” 

Adding to the latters advantages of the app, while using Denim app you’ll be sure that there is no fake profiles or accounts, no hidden fees – you pay only when you surf – secure data storage and total privacy, and Fast and intelligent matching based on face recognition technology, semantic and morphological analysis of dialogues and personal preferences – i can see myself looking for the love of my life in this app-

They are not trying to just sale but trying to solve a problem here.

“This approach will ensure the token to be in high demand even after ICO is over. It will also influence positively on token exchange rate and popularize blockchain [by giving a more of a fun aspect]. Another technology the DateCoin CEO trying to attract attention to is a distributed data. For instance, Denim users, most of which were unaware of crypto economics, received St. Valentine’s Day appreciation token (DTC). Thus, they got an experience in tokenization, following our step-by-step video guide”.



The Team

The Datecoin team is a strong team, every member has a rich experience in the development of modern IT projects, use of intelligent systems and UX design, as well as in successful product positioning and sales. It counts over 20 membres highly qualified for Internet marketing, design and development, artificial intelligence and big data processing.


So now instead of taking a peek on your facebook profile while at work, you can scroll down your Denim profile and search for your happy ending

For further informations :

Web site



Editor’s Notes and Disclosure: The author holds no business stakes or dividends at the startup. This article is an informative one. Both the author and Decentral Magazine encourage our readers to seek advice from a financial advisor and do their due diligence before considering any investment.


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