Free Airdropped Huobi Pool Token Every Single Day

It's true! An airdrop everyday!

Huobi Who?

If you don’t know yet, Huobi Global is one of the leading digital asset exchange platforms in the world (Seriously, you never heard of it? ). You must also know that aside from ranking on top 4, Huobi is consistently improving their various platforms like HuobiPro while adding new products such as HB10 and Hadax; thereby keeping their platforms competitive in their respective categories.

I mean, we all know that the digital asset market is highly competitive, with each service provider trying to outdo each other with new services in comparable uses and marketing extensively to try and hit their target market. However, sometimes the relevance of the products is overlooked. In that direction, Huobi’s features are crafted in a way that is practical for use in the real world while having efficiency and simplicity.

Aside from that, the moment you sign in and become a Huobier you can start trading over 100 different trading pairs! Not to mention that it actually has its own exchange token, called Huobi Token, which you can trade on various exchanges like, Huobi Global, HADAX and Bibox.

Not that you know what Huobi is, let’s talk about the Airdrop!

Yes, that’s right, the digital assets exchange recently announced that it will be airdropping Huobi Pool Tokens to its Token holders and that these guys started already on the 25th of August. Moreover, Huobi takes a daily snapshot of the  Token blockchain and supplies their token holders with the daily airdrop of Huobi Pool Tokens. Users receive Huobi Pool Tokens pro-rata. However,  Holders of the Huobi Token need to keep their tokens in their Huobi Exchange wallet in order to be eligible for the airdrop of Huobi Pool Tokens.

Wait there’s more!

Coming from the same parent company as Huobi Global, the digital asset exchange called Huobi Autonomous Digital Asset Exchange (HADAX) which is basically “user-participation-oriented”, recently had a community coin vote, where people could use Huobi Tokens to vote for their favorite project to be listed on HADAX. Huobi Pool Token got most of the votes with a total amount that exceeded 10 times the projected total votes. And so, According to sources Huobi Pool Token will be listed on HADAX very soon.. VERY SOON.

The exciting news is that after they get listed on HADAX, you can trade Huobi Pool Tokens (HPT) against HT, BTC or ETH.

And More

Getting an airdrop of HPT daily you will actually earn dividends for holding Huobi Tokens: Yes DIVIDEND!

Indeed, since Huobi issues a total amount of 10,000,000,000 HPT, of which 20% will go towards the airdrop to Huobi Token holders. Therefore, 2,000,000,000 HPT will be airdropped to Huobi Token holders with 40% of all tokens will be awarded to Huobi Pool miners.

What do I think about all that?

Frankly, looking at the digital asset market, I have to say it has some great deals that may come only once in a lifetime. Being able to get such promising deals in very such depressing market conditions is reviving in itself!. and besides getting airdropped HPT, Huobi Token holders will actually have some extra benefits like:

-Getting Transaction fees discount by applying for a VIP Program

-The Liquidity protection ensured by Huobi.

-Users can make several transactions using HT like paying for OTC security deposit and become a certified OTC merchant

-Getting Airdrops of the newly listed token to Huobi Token holders

-Having access to popular trading pairs available to trade Huobi Token

And finally,

-Huobi Token holders can take part in important decision-making processes, for instance choosing the Huobi chain leader, voting for a new token listing and so on.

If you do not have a Huobi Global or HADAX trading account yet, you can use this link to register.

Disclosure: This article should not be considered as financial advice as it only reflects my personal opinion and views and is solely intended to be for general information. This is not an invitation or an offer to buy or sell cryptocurrencies, nor is it a recommendation to buy or sell specific types of cryptocurrencies. I have savings invested in cryptocurrency and I happen to be a Huobi Pro user so take whatever I write with a grain of salt.


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