The Huobi Ecological Zone & KCash: A Win-win Partnership.

It is an undeniable fact that the cryptocurrency market is booming. If you do not believe this, check the CoinMarketCap list and feast your eyes. You will find exactly 1,637 cryptocurrencies, or more and a total value of more than $250 billion. With that said, it is quite clear that there is prosperity within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. As the boom increases, it becomes obvious that there is a need for the perfect solution to manage and store cryptocurrency. Among the multitude solutions that currently exist, one of the most notable ones is KCash, which is the second largest wallet in the whole ecosystem.  KCash is a digital wallet that is positioned to be a digital bank in the blockchain world and, is the first ever multi-chain and cross-chain digital currency wallet in China. Due to this, it can manage most types of existing digital assets that are present in the world today. The main aim is to provide a safe, convenient and efficient digital asset management service. Moreover, KCash also aims to provide a rich diversified and personalized financial value-adding services for the millions of users, within the blockchain industry. If you are a user, you”ll be pleased to know that KCash will finally be listed TODAY (16th July) with trading in KCASH/HT pair at exactly 1600 hrs (+8 UTC). If you want to be part of this revolution, kindly use this link to sign up.

Benefits of KCash’s multi-chain wallet to digital investors

KCash aims to provide a seamless and secure decentralized solution for various blockchain assets. The users are able to store, manage and exchange BTC, ETH, LTC and other cryptocurrencies with integrated management.

This wallet enables users to also control their cryptocurrencies while simultaneously making the management and application of cryptocurrencies flexible and efficient. Due to this, users will be able to use their digital assets anywhere and anytime so as to enhance and promote blockchain and cryptocurrency application. Moreover, KCash aims to promote its services to business use and social development by being the pioneer in bridging the gap between cryptocurrencies and the real world. In order to do this, KCash services comprise of the KChain blockchain, wallet APP, and a digital currency debit card. In order to make transactions seamless and secure, the digital assets are binded to the bank cards, so as to allow the usage of these cards for different consumption purposes. It is good to note that KCash has already cooperated with Visa, Mastercard and other international banks and card issuers so as to jointly issue cryptocurrency cards. On top of this, the KCash wallet APP helps digital asset investors manage their multi blockchain assets effectively and efficiently. Firstly, it offers a one-stop management system that enables users to have a unified management of their digital assets while reducing the user management burden of having multiple wallets for multiple cryptocurrencies. Moreover, ICO projects are offered wallet service support so that the project team can focus on other core activities. Secondly, the wallet APP adheres to the core blockchain principles. This means that users have their decentralized cryptocurrency storage, wallet keys and private key information of their various cryptocurrencies on their local system. The benefit of KCash, however, is that users only need to back up once, so even if more cryptocurrencies are added, everything can just be backed up using the preset 12 words. Thirdly, KCash has multiple security assurance. This means that users completely control their wallet keys using the different verification methods offered by the wallet. These range from multiple signature technologies and two-step authorization verification for digital asset management and phone codes, fingerprint or any biometric verification for transfer trading. Lastly, there is multilingual support such as Chinese, Korean, English and Japanese so as to clear the language barrier. With this solution, KCash aims to solve the problem of the inconvenience of cryptocurrency management, the high thresholds for trading and exchange, shortfalls in performance and unreasonable design of blockchain which led to the DAO attack, high development costs of blockchain and lastly, lack of application in the real world. With solutions to the mentioned problems, it is no secret that KCash has the potential to truly become the top choice for digital investors.

So, what are some of the technical features and innovations of KCash?

The KCash Digital Wallet has a Ring Topology Hub Technology. This enables the connection of multiple links to a Hub which makes it easy and more efficient for a digital asset terminal to achieve a single key cross-chain and transformation. The advantage of using this technology is that has less resource consumption than the star or tree topology. Moreover, the advantage of the loop network is more obvious upon the appearance of nodes and a longer distance.

KCash’s Ring Topology Hub Technology (KCash Whitepaper,2017)

Moreover, KCash also has a SHA512-ZERO Algorithm Encryption Technique. This is to ensure data security of the network. Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) is a series of cryptographic hash functions developed by the National Security Agency (NSA) and published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Through customizing the SHA512 encryption technology, the SHA512-ZERO encryption technology offers high-level data security of the Kcash network. This asserts the aforementioned security benefit to digital-asset investors.

What is the connection between the Huobi Ecological Zone and KCash?

The Huobi Global Ecosystem Fund was launched in March 2018. It mainly focuses on industry deployment worldwide. At its core, it has Huobi Token and this is an ecosystem fund that has invested in more than 20 well-performing blockchain companies. The ecosystem has win-win partnerships with different blockchain enterprises, trading platforms, information platforms, mining pools, incubators, asset management institutions, wallets such as KCash and other businesses. Their main aim is to make the blockchain ecosystem healthier and stronger and create Huobi Eco. So as to upgrade Houbi Token (HT) to Huobi Global Ecosystem, the Huobi Autonomous Digital Asset Exchange (HADAX) decided to launch the Huobi Ecological Zone. It enables exchange among HT and Huobi Eco Partner Token and token of the Huobi sub-business lines. In the near future, the sub-business lines and eco partners will have a stronger synergy to build real value for the users of the Huobi ecosystem. Moreover, the HT holders will also enjoy rewards from this development. Thus, companies in the Huobi ecosystem will benefit immensely. With that said, in the spirit of forming win-win partnerships, Huobi is funding KCash so as to help bring it to life. Amongst other things, KCash is also enjoying advantages such as strategic partnerships, sustainable HT Token ecosystem, shared resources with other ecosystem partners and global resource access. To find out more about the Huobi Global Ecosystem Fund, please follow this link.


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