Humaniq aimed to attract 1 Million App users in 2018

London – January 30, 2018 –  Humaniq today set out its milestones for 2018 with a new set of ambitious goals. Based on the projects strong social message, genius technological solutions and unique approach to token emission Humaniq’s vision of development provides both social and financial empowerment the unbanked population in Africa.

After a successful ICO with invested capital rising above $5.1M, getting more than 450 applicationants for startups over the Humaniq Global Challenge and finally launching the product  within the first year of the project, Humaniq is ready to further rapid growth and achievements. The Humaniq team is going to develop its ecosystem focusing on its user and  partners concurrently.

The Milestones for 2018 include such goals as:

  • Attract 1 Million App users in 2018.

With 80 % of Humaniq’s tokens generated in  App, it will encourage more people to install and be part of the community. With this in mind HMQ will be available to be traded on more exchanges in 2018, the first new exchange listing is due to be announced in the nearest future.

  • Integrate 10 new partner companies within our ecosystem

Due to the open API and existing and features and opportunities, such as proof-of-human concept, bio-ID, and ongoing developments like bot assistance and a marketplace for our partners, some potential for partnering projects are already in the loop. The first partner’s integration will be announced in the first quarter.

  • Conducting annual Humaniq Global Challenge

Last years incredibly successful “Humaniq Global Challenge” saw 450 applicants, resulting in a very useful and incredibly inspiring expedition to Africa. Inspired by these results, the Humaniq team plans to continue the challenge as an annual project, with a second challenge in late 2018. This will allow the project to continue the engagement with new and prospective community of users, and a growing family of partners.

  • Become part of the top 5 most popular blockchain apps in the region

The company is making significant marketing and PR efforts in Africa due to a strong ambassador team and nationally based PR Agency. The further development of the App will make it even more competitive than it is now, with all new features listed in a recently published roadmap such as QR-code creation, bot assistant and voice calls within the Application.

“I’m happy to present the updated milestone for Humaniq project. We are not just another blockchain project or cryptocurrency. 80% of  tokens will be generated inside the Mobile Application, so their future holders of these tokens are those who use the Humaniq App and who invest their time and energy into the project. This is precisely the route that Humaniq follows on its way to reach its goal of making the world a better place”- said Alex Fork, Founder of Humaniq.

To read the full version of Humaniq Milestone 2018 please go here.


Humaniq is a London-based Fintech firm that provides next generation financial services using its Blockchain-based mobile application to the unbanked and underprivileged in emerging economies globally. Humaniq is focused on worldwide financial inclusion by providing access to global markets, greater opportunities, and novel financial solutions using repurposed technologies for those gaining exposure to financial services for the first time.

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