HTC answers Samsung, new support for DApps

Exodus, the Blockchain-centric smartphone developed by consumer electronics giant HTC announced today its new partnership with Opera Browser in addition to supporting multiple DApps. This announcement was made through Twitter on Feb.26 from HTC Exodus official Twitter account.

Just after its release, the phone major feature was its ability to trade and store CryptoKitties. However, with yesterday’s tweets, it seems that the phone is and will gain more traction.
In fact, Exodus announced its support for Etheremon game and Decentraland DApps in its ZION-Vault integrated cold storage. One of the most interesting additions to this smartphone, a new app called Number, which tracks user data on sleeping, walking, driving.. allowing users
to share their own data with third parties that might need it.

Moreover, Numbers displays what type of data your phone can track, in addition to a list of companies interested in that data. Number is developed by a startup based in Taiwan, with a team that includes Phil Chen as a Chairperson. We need to highlight that Phil is the DCO (Decentralized Chief Officer) of HTC Exodus.

The Goal of Numbers app is to bring more transparency around data collection and allow users to make money (in crypto) off their own data.
Phil Chen confirms by saying:

Now not only can users own their data, but it forces companies to be more transparent about how that data is used.

Through the same token, the Numbers Dapp will benefit users by lowering their car or health insurance if positive data is recorded about their driving or walking habits, says Chen.

On the other hand, Exodus partnership with Opera browser will enable users to access the integrated crypto wallet of the browser in order to make payments on the websites supported by the browser.
For now, Exodus only supports payments in Ethereum [ETH]. However, it has plans to add Bitcoin [BTC] and Litecoin [LTC] in the near future.

According to Chen, the next interesting move, which will be by the end of this year, is making each phone as a partial node on the blockchain, allowing owners to facilitate Bitcoin trading among each other.

With the new partnerships made by Exodus and Samsung recent release of its Galaxy S10 that includes storage for private cryptocurrency key, it seems that the competition in terms of Blockchain and smartphones will be at its top during the next months. In this context, the real question is: what can be Apple’s position?

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