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Faceter Morethanwatches You!

Big brother is watching you? How about he instantly recognizes you and others around you?

Of course, by Big Brother I simply refer to camera, no biggies. He has become smarter over the years evolving into Faceter:  a brained and eyed system, just like a brother watching after you.

Let’s face it, public safety has become of a major importance nowadays.

Faceter recognizes all the issues related to surveillance systems and takes video surveillance to whole new level. Mainly, it makes video surveillance smart via the facial recognition, identification of objects and video analysis in real time. It’s as if it gives eyes to the camera via computer vision.

As someone who is fond of Science fiction series, I thought at the start that it would the subject of a Black Mirror episode.

But, Robert Pothier, the CEO’s presentation of Faceter changed my mind; he can tell you more about it:

Giving Eyes to Camera:

Don’t confuse it with facial identification already existing on mobile phones laptops: which identifies you as the owner of the device and unlocks it for you. What Faceter proposes is to identify several identities present in one video in real time.

Along with the facial identification, it also makes instant behavioral analysis that allows the user to detect danger or some interesting facial expressions. Since it functions via neural networks, Faceter can be manipulated that it responds when it detects particular actions or events.

The content remains confidential since the camera sends a distorted version by means of data obfuscation that can’t be recovered thanks to neural networks.

It’s pretty interesting that miners are implied into a decentralized network to make the math vis-à-vis the identification which makes more revenues for the miners and less costs for the users. Or miners, it’s win-win, they simply would need to loan their equipments to Faceter, and in turn make money 2.5 times faster than Ethereum exploitation.

Faceter functions on the blockchain technology, via a totally decentralized system. Currently, it makes use of smart contracts that makes the payment flexible and easy and in harmony with B2B clients.

Here’s how it operates:

Face tokens and Token sale

To make that identification possible, giant and expensive calculators need to be implemented. But, it was replaceable with existing and effective mining solutions.

Face tokens plays a double-agent role: it is both the money received from clients once they see the efficiency of the system and the reward to miners. As illustrated here:

The presale went as high as 10,000.000 dollars just during the 20 first seconds. The selling is compatible with ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH, XEM, BCH. So far, 251,609,195 FACE are sold, the token sale is ongoing until 30th March.

Well, I don’t know about you, but for me, it echoes some works in the gaming and movie industry which evolve around the same idea. But they present the technology in a scary mood, take Watch Dogs as an example.

Thanks God, reality is brighter than fiction!




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