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Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash: A Blockchain Joint Venture?

To combat Ethereum’s scalability issues, Vitalik Buterin proposes the integration of Bitcoin Cash in the short-term as a solution to scale Ethereum Blockchain.

ethereum bitcoin cash integration

In the meantime, the Ethereum community has been working on Ethereum 2.0, expected to release its first stages in early 2020. The focus has been put on improving Ethereum’s scalability by upgrading its blockchain from a Proof of Work consensus algorithm to a Proof of Stake one.

But as a temporary solution, Buterin suggests that integrating another blockchain to Ethereum can solve its scalability problem. He mentions Bitcoin Cash as a good fit for several reasons. First and foremost, BCH has a higher data throughput of 53 Kilobytes per second, whereas Ethereum generates 8Kb/s. Second, the verification process is cheaper with BCH if compared with Ethereum. Third, Bitcoin Cash offers low transaction fees.

Another advantage that drew Buterin’s attention to Bitcoin Cash is what he expressed as « the openness of BCH Community and their readiness to allow the users to utilize the blockchain for whatever they want as long as they pay the fees.»

When it comes to disadvantages, Buterin cited the long ten-minute block time that Bitcoin Cash takes to build one block.

However, many people expressed their dissatisfaction with the idea, weighing more bad to it than good. Andre Neves, the editor of Lightwork and Komenco Blog, added to the few drawbacks Buterin mentioned saying:

And what about the low Hashrate? The central control authorities? The extremely big blocks that cause constant reorganizations?»  

Francis Pouliot, co-founder of Catallaxy went as far as to say that Vitalik has declared the project failure with his probable decision, describing it as «Humiliating».

In his way, Federico Tenga expressed his discontent in a tweet that reads :

Lovely, ETH and BCH helping each other to collapse faster. 


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