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700000 new users coming to EOS, Thanks to Moonlighting

Last night was dope for EOS platform, as over 700.000 users have joined it from Moonlighting; the professional freelancing job market launched in 2014. The collaboration deal covered a $5 million investment round led by the FinLab; EOS VC fund, a joint venture of FinLab AG, and The investment will be used to enlarge Moonlighting’s user base and to merge its existing infrastructure with EOS.

Moonlightning EOSIO

Jeff Tennery, CEO of Moonlighting, expressed about their willingness to join the EOS platform, particularly for its ability to scale transaction processing, maintain low transaction costs and enable ease of user account management.
From the other part, Paul Grotowski, COO of EOS-VC, proclaimed:

We believe that Moonlighting contains the three key traits we look for in a decentralized application: real customers, real traction and a bona fide use case for blockchain technology.

In addition, Tennery pointed out that Moonlighting will develop the blockchain for the reasons below:
Security hashes system that still relies on Moonlighting’s centralized database to decrypt.
To provide audit-ability and validity to our freelancer profiles maintained off-chain.
To increase its validation of profiles, for example by authenticating freelancers’ various training certifications.

This must be considered as a good capitalizing coming for the Eos platform with over 700.000 users and  $5 million investment.
But it was not the first one, last year, the backbone company behind EOSIO development, and Novogratz Galaxy Digital, joined a venture for
325 million dollars to develop the EOSIO ecosystem, and to scheme more strategic investment for EOSIO’ project.


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