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The EOS swap is down the pike y’all! As EOS mainnet launch countdown carries on: two more days before EOSIO 1.0 is officially out there! And so EOS holders are crossing fingers, hoping to survive the transition.

At exactly 22:59:59 UTC on June 2nd, all EOS tokens will become frozen on the Ethereum blockchain and the MainNet launch will occur shortly after that..


Meanwhile, a huge number of announcements and updates are cropping up everyday. The entire EOS community including the token holders and the developers are waiting for the blockchain shift from Ethereum to EOS’s separate blockchain; a mix of excitement, worry and precaution is invading the crypto hemisphere in response to this “swap thing”.

While some choose to stand and watch, others decided to do something about it: For instance, Huobi has considerably thought of supporting its users by claiming EOS tokens; in other words, managing the swap of all the EOS tokens stored in Huobi trading wallets.

Before proceeding with that, let’s start by answering the major question of what exactly is Mainnet token swap?

In few words, when EOS Project was launched, the native EOS token was launched as an ” ERC20″ based token running on Ethereum blockchain. Once the EOS project got settled and has proven its scalability and long-term sustainability , it was the natural course to start its own mainnet, pursue the journey in total independence. So by 2nd June, once the mainnet is out there, all the old tokens stored in user’s personal wallets will be void if they don’t get registered.

What to do about your old tokens?

Simple. All you’ll have to do is to Deposit your EOS tokens stored in your personal wallets to Huobi Pro: Huobi Pro will be performing all of  the EOS ERC20 chain-conversion to the EOS Mainnet token automatically. Users who will chose to trust Huobi will not bother doing any further action, and they don’t have to be concerned about their EOS tokens being lost along the process.

So to answer the question, you should deposit your EOS tokens to your Huobi Pro account.

By doing so, not only you get to successfully complete the transition and get your native EOS tokens while Huobi Pro will deal with everything else for you, but also you won’t be facing any form of restriction to trade and you wouldn’t miss out on any short-term trading opportunities (during the time of the  EOS conversion, there will not be any EOS transaction allowed, so better do the deposit in advance.)

Oh, and there’s more: You actually get to win quality HT airdrops worth up to 200,000 USD, proportional to the amount of EOS tokens collectively held in your Huobi Pro account, just bare in mind that the snapshot will be taken at 18:00, 31 May 2018.

Another important notice regarding the EOS Main Net Switch: Since the EOS main net will be launched recently, again in 2 DAYS, EOS ERC20 holders need to complete the mapping before the launch, otherwise they will not be able to receive the main net assets. To safeguard its users’ assets, Huobi Pro will support automatic EOS mapping so that users can receive the main net assets without manual operation.

Moreover, for a smooth mapping process, Huobi Pro will SUSPEND the EOS withdrawal at 08:00 on May 31st (GMT+8), and will  SUSPEND the EOS deposit at 18:00 on May 31st (GMT+8). howsoever, it will resume the deposit and withdrawal promptly after the EOS main net runs stably, and so users are asked to pay attention for the any announcement regarding the specific time.

You’re interested already? If you want to find out more about EOS token swap and perhaps reinforce your chances of winning the HT airdrops you should definitely watch Huobi Talk which will be hosted on 31st May 2018, 12.00 pm (GST+8),

all you need to do is to subscribe to Huobi talk on Youtube and enjoy the show! Here’s the Link to Huobi Talk LIVE stream.

Hey!   Here’s how to sign up on Huobi :

 Good luck ! 


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Marketing/Finance Bachelor, worked in several tech start-ups at a young age, her passion for blockchain and her firm belief that it will change the world one day inspires her to write about related topics.

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