South Korea’s Enjin rumored partnership with Samsung to create a wallet

According to reports from Asia Crypto Today, Samsung apparently appointed Korean crypto company Enjin Wallet to support its digital wallet in the new Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone. As understood in the Feb. 25 report, anonymous informants provided images that appear to validate the report’s authenticity. The images were posted by Tworld, a South Korean telecom company.


On an apparent screenshot of the new galaxy S10, the Enjin wallet is being used for Ethereum’s Ether[ETH] transaction. Additionally, images of Enjin coin [ENJ] and Ethereum-backed Basic Attention Token [BAT] can be seen in the screenshot.

Furthermore, according to multiple sources, the Enjin Wallet is set to be installed in Samsung’s latest smartphone. As well as the previously mentioned tokens, the wallet will reportedly be able to trade ERC-20 tokens and ERC-1155 crypto game assets.

Founded in 2009 and based in Singapore, Enjin is a blockchain platform best known for launching the ERC-1155 token.
ERC-1155 is a crypto game asset used to purchase and sell digital items in video games and establish digital ownership. Enjin’s wallet has been available on both iOS and Android for some time now, supporting all ERC-20 and ERC-1155 tokens and empowering users to exchange digital assets.

When revealed on Feb. 20, Samsung confirmed that its Galaxy S10 will have storage for private cryptocurrency keys, but failed to mention the existence of a crypto wallet. Additionally, Samsung went on to deny on multiple occasions rumors on the phone’s possible configuration and any relations to blockchain technology.

However, as mentioned in an article of ours, All rumors regarding the implementation of a crypto wallet in the Galaxy S10 were confirmed.

In light of the recent discoveries, It is fair to assume that Samsung is and will be relying on decentralized technology to ensure privacy, transparency and the fast distribution of data across all its devices.


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