Earn BTU tokens when booking Eiffel Tower visits and more

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Paris, 15th of April 2019btu protocol paris

BTU Protocol now connects more than 400 touristic activities and excursions including the Eiffel Tower. The Paris-based company is disrupting booking platforms using its BTU crypto-asset. BTU tokens are earned by partners such as hotels, websites, influencers, and travel agents. As a result, France’s 90 million visitors could soon be generating BTU transactions.

The BTU Tours website and widgets are listing activities and excursions availabilities on top of BTU Protocol. While charging 0% commission on all transactions, BTU Tours accepts all major credit cards and does not require payment in cryptocurrency. The BTU Protocol technology includes an interactive booking application displaying information to book tickets through any website, blog or Facebook page. Thus, giving the opportunity to everyone to monetize their audience and allowing the booking of activities or excursions directly on their own site while being rewarded in BTU token.

Thanks to BTU Protocol’s technology, anyone can easily earn cryptocurrency:
‎•Any site wishing to monetize its audience: media, blog, facebook page, works council.
‎•Any company wishing to expand its offers and easily upsell: travel agency, car hire, hotel, newsstand …
•Any individual in contact with tourists and in a position to promote the offers thus creating a brand new type of job “Influencers of the real world”: taxi driver, receptionist, tour guide, a waiter in a restaurant, etc.

Bernard Molle, VP – Business Development at BTU Protocol:

Making inventory like Eiffel tower visits accessible on the BTU Protocol is a first. It is also the opportunity to address Asian markets through a simple and intuitive system rewarding influencers in BTU cryptocurrency.

Vidal Chriqui, Co-founder at BTU Protocol:

After embedding more than 2 million hotels in any website or facebook page, our team is proud to launch the BTU protocol into the activities business, a market worth b$150 annually

About BTU Protocol |www.btu-protocol.com
BTU Protocol was created in February 2018 and successfully closed in June 2018 a sale of $ 5.5M BTU tokens. BTU Protocol was part of the UNICORN consultation of the AMF (Financial Market Regulator). In January 2019, BTU Protocol launched BTU Hotel, a service offering 2 million hotels with 0% commission for BTU Protocol. BTU Protocol crypto-asset is listed on Bittrex international and Upbit.



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