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DNN: News by the People and for the People

“Whoever controls the media controls the mind.” said Jim Morrison  the leading singer in The Doors decades ago. In its essence, objectivity needs to be the leading principle in the field of media and journalism. However, it has turned into a means of power to those who pay more, especially in the post-revolutionary world.

The idea of keeping news reporting or analysis neutral is no longer an option. The power of Media is controlled and oriented by decision-makers in a way that makes it harmonious with their views.

It is in this sense that Samit Singh and his fellow teammates worked out a project that would make transparency in the Media field possible.

DNN, the Decentralized News Network, aims at gathering news via decentralized networks to release factual content.

The DNN team presents their project on a minimalist simply-designed platform that is not over-crowded with words. The main principles of the project are highlighted; and precisely and concisely explained. Let’s go through them:

–          Decentralized:  the project functions via Ethereum Blockchain which leaves no room for censorship or hacking. As the term “decentralized” implies, there is no center: authority is driven from consensus made among viewers.

–          Factual: The authenticity of news is guaranteed by means of : a strong review and fact-checking process, allowing audience to check the accuracy of the news before it goes public , and at a post-publishing stage, feedback from reviewers can better present news and regulate content.

–          Collaborative: The project abounds in means that allow interactions between readers, writers, reviewers and publishers. Currency, for instance, is attributed according to the contributing efforts, and the same goes for the community that thrives on incentives. The project needs to be fluid, and to make that happen, users can switch from readers, to writers or reviewers and get back to their initial function whenever it suits them best.

The process in itself is really simple:  content is submitted and checked for authenticity on the platform. Once validated, it goes public.

This being said, the credibility of any project is measured by its team member. The CEO Samit Singh along with his fellow co-founder and CTO, Donrey Taylor co-worked together on many projects: they co-founded the messaging app MiniChat In. and Track Video.  Samit had a variety of experiences in startup world; he counts over 7 years in the field.

They both hold a decent experience in the Blockchain technology: they both contributed in running a large scale ETH mining operation.

Curretly Donrey is investing his knowledge and experience in developing DNN’s front-end and back-end codebase (its Ethereum smart contracts) and implementing ways to distribute the DNN application between network nodes.

The team comprises only 5 members but they are backed up with a solid board of advisors.

The DNN token sale will start on April, the 2nd. What is remarkable about DNN token is the crowdsale: 40% of the DNN token supply won’t be released for the token sale, and the transaction amount won’t be limited. Tokens which won’t be sold will be added to the DNN holding.

The token distribution would go like this:

All in all, the project is visionary, if we are dreamers of a decentralized, and democratized world, we need to lean on a decentralized media network. You never know, maybe DNN is the alternative media of the future.



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