Can Crypto-currencies really become Mainstream?

Cold, hard cash had been the bread and butter of the financial landscape since the days of yore and yet it’s foundation is often as intangible as a singular Bitcoin.

The introduction of credit cards, then debit cards has been a slow process of trust and modernization. Now contactless cards are almost universally accepted and trusted by all but the most paranoid, as the jingle jangle of pocket based finance is slowly disappearing from the High Street.
So what’s next on the ever-changing asset management stage?

You guessed it! Crypto-currency!

But some things have to change before the average consumer in the street looks at the Blockchain industry as a viable asset storage platform:

  1. Public education of the pros and cons of Blockchain based monetary system.
  2. Intuitive and seamless bridging of fiat and Crypto.
  3. Retail and b2b outlets with crypto payment systems.
  4. Easy, accessible and secure trading platforms ie.
  5. Banking systems that integrate crypto storage.
  6. AML/KYC regulations.
  7. A Blockchain industry based on outreach and integration.

The advantages and opportunities of crypto-currencies are clear to those in the industry, but more has to be done to pull down the walls of mystery and distrust for the average man in the street.
If there is to be global uptake, acceptance and usage of Blockchain then the industry has to think about simplifying the whole process and integrating with the existing system.

A London based company is doing just that! Coinxes P2P Decentralised Exchange ticks all the boxes mentioned above and, because of this, is taking the Blockchain industry by storm.

Ground-breaking IEO Opportunity – CoinxesP2P

Coinxes P2P Decentralised Exchange are listing Coinxes Gold [CXG] as an Initial Exchange Offering –IEO & Initial Coin Offering –ICO.

This is a remarkable opportunity to get involved in one of the most exciting Blockchain projects currently in development.
With Cryptocurrency gradually making its way toward more mainstream applications, the need for uncomplicated & trustworthy gateways has never been greater. In order for Blockchain to have the beneficial impact that its potential has always promised, it needs to be understandable and attainable for the average man & woman on the street. And that’s where this project excels!

coinxes p2p

CoinxesP2P is a peer-to-peer, Decentralised Crypto-Exchange that boasts support for over 300 payment methods as well as being available in 50 languages! This enables traders to buy/sell digital assets in their own language & using their own currency.

It will also be the world’s first Decentralised Exchange to host IEOs on it’s innovative IEO / ICO / STO Token Counter.

The UK-based team behind this project is second-to-none, boasting many years experience in both Blockchain technology and crypto-trading. Noting the drawbacks in many of the currently available services, the development team set out to eliminate these on their own platform. The resulting product was the CoinxesP2P Decentralised Exchange!

Other notable features include:
Secure escrow system
In-house ICO benching
In-house Arbitration
Smart Contracts

The decentralized, peer-to-peer nature of the platform means that funds are not stored on a centralized server. This makes CoinxesP2P highly resistant to hacking. Peace of mind for newbies & experienced traders alike!

Already attracting over 12000 subscribers, this Next-Gen platform is set to take the crypto market by storm – allowing trading to be not only easy but also globally accessible.

Some reasons to get involved in the CoinxesP2P Blockchain project:

  1. The product is up and running so whether we raise money or not: our exchange will continue to trade
  2. You will be able to convert your CXG coin to fiat
  3. CXG will be tradable against other cryptos
  4. You will be able to use CXG to invest in other projects on our IEO Launchpad
  5. CoinxesP2P is a decentralised Peer-to-peer Crypto Exchange
  6. On CoinxesP2P you can trade using your own currency and language – no restrictions based on location
  7. The World’s first IEO Launchpad on a Decentralised Exchange

As part of CoinxesP2P’s milestones, the native coin Coinxes Gold [CXG] will be tradable for fiat when it is listed on the exchange – with a target value of $0.50 – $1.00.

Welcome to the revolution!
ICO available now @ Begin trading now @
IEO available @

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