Blockshow Berlin 2018: Braincities, the much-needed revolution in Human Resources management.

Blockshow Europe is a regular event where the Blockchain community gathers to share, display and compete. More than 80 speakers, 3000 attendees, 200 journalists and the grand prize of more than 50,000 euros for the competition of the Blockshow Oscar make Blockshow the place to be for Blockchain experts, influencers and enthusiasts alike.

During the most recent Blockshow event that took place in Berlin between the 28th and 29th of May, the Decentral Magazine team was very much present and throughout the next series of articles we shall focus on some of the most innovative and exciting start-ups that participated in this event among which was Braincities through an exclusive interview with its co-founder & CEO Mr. Kazé A. ONGUENE.

Who is Braincities?

The founding Braincities team is made up of CEO Kazé A. Onguene who is a laureate of the esteemed Sorbonne school with over 15 years worth of experience in IT consulting, HR and innovative management. The other co-founder & Head of Research is José R. Gallardo. José acquired a Ph.D. of Computational Physics from the University of Jaen Madrid which he then followed with over 20 years of experience in Defense, Scientific Research, and Higher Education. The development team, dubbed the P.I.T,  is made of 100+ Ph.D. Laureates and/or candidates between their London and Paris offices coming from various industries culminating their 300+ years of experience making Braincities better than ever.

What is Braincities?

Braincities, in a simple definition, is a company that utilizes company & smart-cities data -through AI and Blockchain- to enhance Human Resources management as well as financial industries. The first -and natural- impression to come to mind is how something as intuitive, as inaccurate and inconsistent as Human Resources – with all that entails – could be even remotely relatable to AI and Blockchain? This is where the genius and hard work of the Braincities team takes place. In the example of the IT industry, Braincities algorithms analyzed the career paths of 250, 000 IT workers and matched them in teams to provide maximum quality and predictability considering their backgrounds, skills, and contexts. All that was done with a 95% accuracy. One more milestone that Braincities was able to achieve is a real-time calculation. In the modern-day business world where time is money, making a business decision later or earlier than it should be made can sometimes turn a good decision into a bad one. With that in mind, braincities’ technology managed to achieve a calculation frame of 0.92 s. Moreover, it manages to do so in traffic speed that could reach up to 10 GB/s.

As previously insinuated, the most unique feature about braincities is the fact that it converges the organic to the electronic; closing the gap even further between human intuitiveness and the automated preciseness, giving us a product that is the best of the two combined in a rather brilliant fashion. In order to –attempt- to understand the core idea upon which braincities’ technology is based, one must go back to the biggest marvel of all; the human brain. Humans throughout history have had one particularly advanced skill. From the constellations at the night sky to combustion engine; pattern recognition, design, and analysis have not only helped humanity survive but thrive. With this idea in mind, the contextualization and conversion of this extremely complex and innate process into computational and calculable data is essentially, what AI is evolved around. Braincities have taken part in this conversion in the corporate world. The results of which are, least to say, promising. From corporate culture to career road mapping to all the, sometimes frustratingly, intangibles of the business world are closer to becoming more modeled, more efficient and more artificially intelligent than ever.


Why Blockchain?

Using the paraphrased words of Mr. Onguene “just like all information about the human being is stored in his/her DNA; we believe that one day all information about the world would be stored in the various chains of the blockchain”, the choice that Braincities made in 2017 only 4 years after its inception to shift towards blockchain becomes evidently clear. The level of data integrity, decentralization, and convenience that blockchain provides make it an undisputed favorite for corporates and braincities alike. Especially when dealing with sensitive information such as staff or financial data.

What is next for braincities?

Developing a community of more than 2400 already and organizing Hackathons in Montreal, Paris, Bangkok and other cities around the world. One thing is for sure, braincities is hard at work. Another exciting event in braincities’ agenda is their ICO – which they announced at the Berlin Blockshow– ; with a soft cap of $5 Million and a hard cap of $20 Million, braincities intends to start the private sale on June 15th and the pre-sale on the 4th of July with the total of 650,000 tokens available for sale.

The Blockshow event is a platform where some of the most promising, innovative and disruptive blockchain-based start-ups there are getting a chance for exposure and growth. Braincities with its revolutionary vision and impressive technology definitely makes the cut.


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