Blockchain, a weapon against human Trafficking and modern day slavery



UK Royale and founder of the Anti-Slavery Collective Princess Eugenie along with anti-human Trafficking Ambassador John Richmond believe that technological innovations such as the blockchain could be useful in the fight against human trafficking and modern day slave trade.

According to recent reports, both figures, prominent advocates in the fight against human trafficking were in attendance at a conference in Vienna, Austria. During a meeting held by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), alarming findings explained that the increase in internet usage has unfortunately expanded the capacity for human traffickers to exploit potential victims  

Additionally, during the conference, experts argued that the evolution of technology is facilitating human trafficking operations. Furthermore, they explained that it has become relatively easier to recruit and advertise through social media platforms. From controlling victims through mobile phones and laundering money using digital currencies, modern-day technologies like the blockchain have given another edge to modern day slavery.

However, despite this negative side to modern day technologies, Princess Eugenie adamantly believes that they could be used in the fight against human trafficking. She stated:

I have learned about how blockchain is having a huge impact on supply chain management, and how an app in Britain can help the public report modern slavery at car washes.

She didn’t fail to mention the existence of an initiative from Industrial giant Coca-Cola co and the U.S. State Department. Last year, both entities launched a blockchain project aiming to stop workers abuse. Additionally, she also highlighted that British app “Safe Car Wash App” uncovered more than 900 cases of possible modern slavery at car washes throughout the U.K. in just five months

As of now, there are 136,000 slave laborers in the United Kingdom, which is nothing compared to the global population of slaves, which  amounted 45.8 million people back in 2018 as per Forbes

Finally, According to Anti-Human Trafficking Ambassador and activist John Richmond, Technology as a whole cannot stop modern-day slavery or human trafficking, however, he believes that Innovations like the blockchain could be used as tools to facilitate the job of those fighting those despicable activities on the daily.



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