Bitcoin in Monday 7 of september; the situation is uncertain or under control ?

Bitcoin is passing by a correction period and looking for a new bottom, most traders suggest to stay away this period until the Bitcoin surpass this period.

Bitcoin weekly: everything is under control

On a weekly basis, BTCUSD corrected more than 17% on high volumes. On this unit of time, this is only a correction. The bearish scenario remains far away and other than this strong directionally bearish volatility, there is no indication of a trend reversal.

Fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin between $ 10,450 and $ 9,200 should be watched to look for buying patterns. This constitutes a very worked price zone which will undoubtedly find a good carpet of buyers.

Bitcoin on a daily basis: nothing is going well?

On a daily basis, the price of Bitcoin provided an opportunity, towards the end of last week, to reduce its risk. The price was in a double box with 2 horizontal levels both crossed downwards. The descent that followed was sudden and significant.

The daily tells us mainly that this slowdown could last. The fall in price was not greeted by a massive buyout. We are barely consolidating on the lows, which is a signal to be welcomed as it is: the situation is uncertain and it will probably be appropriate to stay away.