Avance Hub: a Blockchain based AI marketplace platform

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WhitepaperNot published yet.

ICO FactsUndisclosed total number of tokens for sale, $100 million to be raised. Status: planned for March 2018.

Token type: Avance Token (AT).

Initial token price: Undisclosed.

In a nutshell: An Artificial Intelligence marketplace platform, aiming to put AI agents open for development to all in order to advance humanity. 

Editor’s Notes and Disclosure: The author holds no business stakes or dividends at the startup. This article is an informative one. Both the author and Decentral Magazine encourage our readers to seek advice from a financial advisor and do their due diligence before considering any investment.

Avance Hub is a revolutionizing concept, still under development as of late November 2018. The idea behind the project is to make Artificial Intelligence (AI) open and available to all. Whether it’s for research or development purposes, the startup aims to benefit humanity through enhancing the human potential, not making humans a subordinate species.

In fact, access to AI is currently monopolized by big corporations such as Google, Microsoft, DeepMind, Baidu, OpenAI etc. They are separately on a quest for AGIs (Artificial General Intelligence). To put it in a nutshell, we can define an AGI as an approximation of human intelligence. The faculty to perceive/react to external world stimuli in some way, pretty much the same way we learned how to, growing up as human beings.

Through building a Blockchain AI marketplace platform, Avance Hub aims to decentralize the exchange of AI agents. This would make research and development instantly open and accessible to all. Avance Hub’s vision doesn’t focus on replicating human intuition and creativity -i.e, reproducing what we already know how to do- but wants instead to give humans AI computational power and extraordinary capacity. This would help us to mathematically analyze and comprehend data in our environment, so to unleash an unprecedented movement of human progress.

Avance Hub’s roadmap

During the Blockchain Solutions 2017 forum in Barcelona early October 2017, Decentral Magazine Interviewed Mr. Matt Owen a Business and Financial Lawyer working as a consultant for one of Avance Hub‘s Co-Founders. Mr. Owen indicated that the project has been under development for over two years now. The startup started the development of AI architectures for deep business solutions since February 2016.

In an Article published on medium, Mr. John O’Malia, an Entrepreneur focused on transformative AI applications, and a developer at Avance Hub, pointed out the fact that as of October 2017, they have already finalized the development of an architecture, called Wingman. It aims to bring AI agents closer to reality. This multi-tier AI platform that enables humans to direct, coach and teach AI Agents, is targeting various research fields like medicine, pharmaceutical research, education, mental health, crisis relief management, finance & Big Data, etc.

Avance Hub, AI, Blockchain
Avance Hub Team members from the “Blockchain Solutions 2017” Forum in Barcelona. Source: Avance Hub’s Twitter

According to Mr. Matt Owen, the tokenisation process is already in advanced phase. The Avance Token reserved for the foundation, will be put up for sale by March 2018. ICO pre-sale fundraising goal is set at $12.5 million. Eventually, an open sale for Avance Token is expected to raise up to $100 million.

The Avance Hub team

Avance Hub‘s team counts people with a broad range of skills. It encompasses engineering, data science, biology and business analytics. The CEO, Mr. John O’Malia, is an Indiana University Honors degree in Economics holder. He made huge money in the online gaming industry as well as online trading platforms. Mr. Andreas Hartmann, COO and Co-Founder, is a Silicon Valley expert with over fifteen years of experience in mobile and fintech companies like AltaVista, Overture, Yahoo!, etc. Mr. Panagiotis Nezis, Lead AI Developer is a Master’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence holder, experienced in the design and implementation of robust software systems for the automotive industry. All of the twelve members of the board of Directors have extensive industry experience and are eager to put all of their skills to use.



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