Luxury Brand Alyx to use blockchain technology



According to multiple reports, the fashion and Luxury brand known as Alyx is has revealed plans to use blockchain technology for supply chain tracking.

Apparently, Alyx will be working in hand with IOTA Foundation to track garments’ authenticity from raw materials to finished products.

This initiative will be used to gain trust and credibility among its customers. Nevertheless, Along with Alyx and IOTA, This has been made possible a through continuous and fruitful collaboration between global manufacturing company Avery Dennison and supply chain visibility firm Everything.

Additionally, Customers will have full insight into the company’s supply chain. QR code scanning will make it possible for customers to follow the creation of a garment from raw materials to the store.

Raw materials, apparel production location, and date will be saved using Iota’s distributed ledger technology.

Brands and consumers can know that the information they are being shown about the garment’s creation process is 100% accurate and can be trusted implicitly

explained Debbie Shakespeare, senior director of sustainability and compliance at Avery Dennison.

Additionally, she hopes that by allowing clients to know the origin of their clothes, they will have a better idea of the quality of the materials manufacturers used.

Matthew Williams, a British fashion designer working for the luxury brand believes that:

Blockchain and distributed ledger technology is the future for effective brand protection. By supplying product information, supply chain traceability and transparent dialogue with the consumer, the brand’s authenticity is globally secured.

As we all know blockchain technology is a huge advocate of transparency within the various industrial sectors, so, let’s hope that other brands will take a similar approach and adopt blockchain technology as a way to transparently monitor productions of goods.



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