e-commerce giant Alibaba soon to become a blockchain leader


According to multiple reports, China’s e-commerce leader Alibaba has been showing a continuous in blockchain technology. It has been reported that the company is looking to use blockchain technology to upgrade its intellectual property protection system.

Additionally, Alibaba’s Platform Management has confirmed that through this initiative the aim is “to protect innovations and defend authenticity”.

The blockchain backed protection system will allow and facilitate electronic deposits from global brands. This will, in turn, create a link to China’s internet courts through a blockchain backed Ali Intellectual Property Protection Platform (“IPP Platform”). In general, this process will provide a basis for litigation right protection.

As of now, the Chinese government has put in place three internet courts in Hangzhou, Beijing, and Guangzhou to directly manage all internet related cases.

Alibaba’s director of intellectual property protection, Ali Xizhi explained that the e-commerce giant is in the process of upgrading the filing of intellectual property rights by utilizing the openness, transparency, and inability to modify the blockchain. Additionally, distributed ledger technology will be also used in the field of digital copyright protection (pictures, audio, and video).

Since March, Alibaba and major software developer and provider Aerospace Information Co., have been in partnership. Both entities are working “to actively integrate resources and carry out in-depth cooperation” in the areas of cloud computing services, finances, government affairs, and distributed Ledger Technologies.

Additionally, both companies are intending to use blockchain technology for cross-border supply chains enabling the creation of a closed-loop ecological system with the possibility to link it with local government in China.


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