Cardano Meetup in Tunisia

It is finally happening in Africa !

Cardano Foundation is looking to expand its land ownership project in Africa, and it’s going so good so far.   

By the 3rd of may 2018 they have signed a partnership with the Ethiopian minister of Technologies

Oscar came with a big ambitions to inspire and encourage the Blockchain/ crypto-community in Tunisia. He studied Geography at the University of Bristol, specializing in geopolitics. He is very passionate about the blockchain / crypto fintech sector since 2015 when he had the chance to be part of a private equity box in Switzerland. After his internship there, Oscar Hammond have completed a specialized program in FinTech at the Said Business School of the University of Oxford. At the present moment this young crypto-expert works on the development of education in rural areas in Tunisia at the Almadanya Foundation. But never stepping out of the Blockchain field.

The Event was sponsored by Electrify Network and Decentral Magazine.

About Dar Blockchain Founded in 2018, Dar Blockchain (House of Blockchain) is the first tokenized coworking space in Tunisia. It offers a Blockchain solution for the startups lacking of technical support. In fact, it’s not only a coworking space but also a startup accelerator and incubator. The team behind it, is composed of blockchain and crypto-experts. They aim to implement a solid Blockchain community in Tunisia.

About IOHK Founded in 2015, IOHK is a technology company committed to using peer to peer innovations, to provide financial services to the 3 billion that don’t have them.

Cardano wrote about it too, take a look !



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