Jeffrey Wernick: A Special Speaker at Blockchain Festival Vietnam

Jeffrey Wernick, an early Bitcoin investor to discuss "Finding Value in the Blockchain Industry" topic @ Blockchain Festival Vietnam

On May 24th and 25th, Blockchain Festival Vietnam will take place at Gem Centre in Vietnam’s fascinating city Ho Chi Minh . The festival  is a ‘must go’ event as world class leaders and project founders from the blockchain industry will be present to discuss and study the blockchain technology.

If you are curious enough, Blockchain Festival Vietnam is a real opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the revolutionary technology and to take a digital step forward to future. Undoubtedly, it is an invitation to those who are already in it to discuss the prospects for blockchain technologies.

early bitcoin investor Jeffrey Wernick

Among the world known practitioners in Blockchain field, Blockchain Festival Vietnam will host the early bitcoin investor Jeffrey Wernick. He is a VIP speaker and “Finding Value in the Blockchain Industry” will be his topic of discussion.

Mr. Jeffrey Wernick  is an entrepreneur and private investor who began his trading career since he was a student at Chicago University. He had worked at Salomon Brothers and the National Bank of Detroit before he created his own technology-focused venture capital firm and hedge fund that helped to restructure  many bankrupt companies. The senior investor has 40 years of experience in investment and trading field and the giant Uber and Airbnb are one of his infamous investments as an angel investor. Later, the heavyweight investor turned all his interest to Blockchain technology and platforms built on it.

Mr. Wernick is considered as one of the early Bitcoin investors. He strongly believes in decentralized societies  and more importantly in the fact that the new technology will revolutionize the financial system.

As a Bitcoin angel investor, the visionary man who kept, for long, his identity anonymous, today he  supports many peer-to peer platforms and acts as member of advisory board in QTUM. In brief, QTUM is a blockchain application platform which provides the first decentralized governance protocol and proof-of-stake consensus mechanism for smart contracts.

In fact, it is interesting to discuss and share knowledge about Blockchain value or simply to  find value in it with an experienced mind.

Blockchain Festival Vietnam presented by Huobi and Kyber is a ‘have to be there’ event  to enjoy a full Blockchain experience with celebration atmosphere.

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