Blockchain Day – more than just a forum

On March 25, the Amazing Event Machine hosted the largest forum  in Ukraine on crypto-currencies, trading and blockchain technologies – the Ukrainian Blockchain Day.
And two days earlier on March 23 was also successfully organized Blockchain Day Russia

Blockchain day

This is the first in Russia and the second in Ukraine forum about blockchain and crypto-currency, organized by the agency’s team. The first event took place on 30.10.2017 and received great interest among visitors, partners and representatives of the media.

Organizers of the event managed to gather at both conferences world known speakers and practitioners in the field of blockchain and crypto-currencies. They shared their experience and discussed with the audience the prospects for blockchain technologies.

The headliner of both events was an expert in finance and trading, ex-vice president of JP Morgan Chase -Ton Vays with the topic: “The inevitable bubble of ICO.”

CEO GlobalBoost, TOP 100 Richtopia LIST of the Most Influential Blockchain People – Bruce Porter, spoke about investing in blockchain and using blockchain technologies for philanthropic measures.

Resource Management Partner at E-GT Group, Brightlands Innovation Factory Partner, Founder of Head-Starters, Strategic Advisor for several blockchain startups – Yanick Dols in his speech shared with the audience information about the future of decentralized society.

An incredible excitement in Ukraine and the same is in Moscow was sparked by the Q&A session with SEO, the creator of bitcoin cash and the main investor of Ripple, Roger Ver. Each of those, who was present at the forum and online could ask his question to Roger.

Also visitors of the forum were able to get answers to such important questions as:

  • the difference between bitcoins and altcoins;
  • how to invest in crypto-currencies with the smallest risks;
  • how the blockchain will change our society;
  • how to distinguish ICO from the scam;
  • secrets of creating a successful ICO;
  • everything you need to know about the legalization of crypto currency;

Within the framework of the Ukrainian Blockchain Day forum, an innovative method of establishing business contacts – speed mentoring was held. It allowed many participants to find a personal business consultant and establish useful business connections.

The forum in Moscow gathered more than 700 enthusiasts, in Kiev more than 800 people, aimed at productive cooperation, ready to get acquainted, to communicate, exchange experience, and also to find customers and partners.

Ukrainian Blockchain Day is not just another forum, it’s a community platform for everyone who is ready to openly share knowledge about the technologies of blockchain and build a new future today.



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