Top Five–EOS.IO Takes Off Again

EOS.IO is a blockchain-based project in its infant lifecycle. The project is paving the way to place itself at the top of a very competitive market. Daniel Larimer, the CEO is a man of big dreams but also of big accomplishments. Success is the word that highlights his career. Dan Larimer has run two very successful projects, namely Bitshares and

In terms of market cap, today EOS.IO is top of the class breaking into the top five for the first time. The token pushed Litecoin out of the way to rank the 5th cryptocurrency, according to CoinMarketCap.

As most of you know, EOS.IO is hailed as Ethereum killer. The project is an Ethereum-blockchain-like but prepared for a next wave of innovation. It is up to overcome Ethereum’s shortcomings.

Basically, the developer behind EOS.IO is focusing on fast and free transactions. To make it possible, Dan Larimer invented the Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPOS) mechanism. It is a method based on Proof of Stake Protocol. Unlike Ethereum which is able to issue 15 transactions per second, Larimer aims to implement a system that is capable to issue one Million transactions per second.

The project enables its users to launch Decentralized Applications (DApps). DApps can be scaled both horizontally and vertically. Easy to use, It allows blockchain applications to perform as web-based applications do. EOS is there, capable to scale large DApps like a decentralized Facebook or a decentralized Uber which is impossible with Ethereum blockchain.

In less than a year the live ICO has grabbed the attention of many investors. An eye-popping project can tell a lot. Recently, We have reported on FinLab AG -the leading European company investors- partnering to manage one billion dollars Joint Venture for the development of projects that use EOS.IO Software.

As for Latest news; The company has just launched its EOS.IO Dawn 3.0.  This pre-release comes out four months after EOS.IO Dawn 2.0. And it is the last before the main release that is scheduled to launch in June of the current year.

On wednesday, EOS price surged by 48%. The eosDAC Airdrop is the motive behind this rally. The airdrop will take place on April 15, 2018.  This piece of news is considered exciting for EOS holders because all Ethereum wallets holding 100 EOS and more are eligible to receive eosDAC tokens at the rate of 1:1.

Mainly, EOS.IO has been gaining popularity in Asia. With reference to Huobi pro, Ethereum competitor is currently trading at  0.018 ETH, and against USDT is trading at approximately $9.25. The token is ranking at the top of the exchange.

The mainnet release is sooner rather than later. Once it launches, watch EOS.IO raising the bar again to leave Ethereum behind  literally.




Meryam Taghouti

She is a BBA graduate from Tunis Business School, Her passion for the Blockchain Technology and cryptocurrencies has led her to research and write about the crypto world.

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