Decentral Magazine-Gets Updated Look

Decentral Magazine has launched with a new look and new content.

We are extremely happy to announce publicly about the redesign of our website.

We have been working around the clock to give our online magazine its own identity. We have designed our new website to be more user-friendly. This is not all, we will definitely continue improving the structure and the template.

We have added new sections including “Coin Calendar”,  a calendar that contains upcoming events regarding crypto-currencies. Add to that, another calendar is also live, dedicated to ICOs. No need to go for the good ICOs to invest, Decentral Magazine does it for you. This new calendar includes well ICOs selection with a brief presentation for each. You can also find details to know more about an ICO before any investment.
The new website keeps you up to date with everything happening in the cryptocurrency market, and the new projects based on Blockchain technology.

In our way, we offer contents in various international languages (English, German and Arabic).

The best is yet to come!

Obviously, we haven’t finished yet, wait for upcoming announcements, as well as new partnerships and new features.

Thanks to you, our passion for the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies becomes a reality. Our passion becomes Decentral Magazine.


Meryam Taghouti

She is a BBA graduate from Tunis Business School, Her passion for the Blockchain Technology and cryptocurrencies has led her to research and write about the crypto world.

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