Bitcoin: Back on its feet

It was a hard week on Bitcoin, but it turns out it was just a spring flue, of which he rapidly recovered. Well, it was foreseeable given the volatile timbre of cryptocurrencies in general, and of bitcoin in particular.

Not only is it traced back to bitcoin volatility. Many bitcoin traders sold on Friday leading Bitcoin down to $8400

Well, during the last 24 hours, traders are back to the market, so we witnessed a big leap of the lion king in the world of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin placed itself at about $9880 earlier today but then fell to $9327 at the moment of writing of the article.

Bitcoin volatility chart

Ethereum went up difficultly but steadily to $704,19 and Ripple is up to $0,802.

We hope it goes steady because new factors would need to be taken into account:

  •         Rumor has it .. to official

However denied by Binance, peeps in there keep saying they’ve lost some cryptos without their knowledge. Although, Binance maintains that the hack was merely a trial, it admits that it was big

  •         Mt Gox back to the game

Four years after the theft of 850.000 bitcoins, Nobuaki Kobayashi revealed last week that he sold around 400 billion dollars of bitcoins and bitcoin cash since September.

That taken into consideration, traders and analysts still expect some upcoming drops before it booms !

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