MoneroV: When will the Hard Fork happen to Monero?

A Hard Fork is meant to occur on 14th March at block 1529810 but MoneroV, the Hard Fork from Monero, has announced to postpone the planned Fork date.

For those who still don’t know about Monero’s Hard Fork, I suggest you read this article.


By means of their website, MoneroV team has published that there would be a delay in the scheduled Fork date. The news came out just few days before the Fork/Airdrop.

For the moment, the new date is decided to be on 30th of April 2018.

MoneroV, the Hard Fork from Monero, has been attracting interest from Users, trading platforms and large mining pools. Aware of that, the team seems to be positive to postpone the date as it helps to meet the expectations of all interested parties.

The delay decision rose from the fact that the new Fork has faced many challenges. First, Exchanges need additional time to implement the technology to support the chain split and credit XMR holders with XMV. Second, as Monero’s own software will update in March, this will cause disruption in both blockchains: the Monero one and MoneroV blockchain. Last but not least, users and mining pools need more time to prepare and to be able to claim their XMVs.

From MoneroV side, the codebase is fully functional and tested. The additional time will be used to add more supported machines and to test few procedures. By doing so,  the team will soften the major concern of many that is the chain-split might reduce effective privacy set of ring signatures.

The announcement also came out to clarify some important points and here the link for more details.


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