Monero Hardware Wallet in brief


Keep your fork, the best is yet to come!

After the Hard Fork news that is expected to occur in mid-march, a Hardware Wallet for Monero is kicking around.

For those who still don’t know about Monero’s Hard Fork, I suggest you read this article.

Today, the Monero community is in real need to a dedicated Hardware Wallet due to the fact that Monero is built on the cryptonote protocol. This need surged, especially, after  the defeat experience in incorporating the coin with Tresor and Ledger.

The Hardware Wallet for Monero is a step forward establishing a secure storing; It doesn’t only store your Monero coins but also protects your coins from hackers. Owning a Hardware Wallet reduces your exposure to hack attacks as long as your device is not connected. So,why should I worry about my XMR coins when I can keep them safe in my “pocket”?

Talking about the device price, I think any cryptocurrency holder is aware of how a Hardware Wallet is a costly device but the good news is that the Hardware Wallet team considers to provide the product at a competitive price. They will propose a price lower than the existing Hardware wallets’ price.

As for the releasing date, the eagerly-waiting product is still under construction. The team is devoting a noticeable effort to put it into service as soon as possible. Unfortunately, The growth process is going very slowly and still no fixed deadline for the project to show up. According to Official Reddit announcement, the Wallet is at the finishing stage and an application test will be available sooner rather than later. Many people expect the project to be finalized by late April. Who knows!

With the focus on providing its users with perfect privacy and security, the Hardware wallet is certainly the device to enhance and meet the Monero’s main goals.

Based on its market cap, it is important to mention that today Monero is the 9th go-to coin on the cryptocurrency market. As it has gained popularity from being private and secure,with Monero you spend safely and no one can keep an eye on your  balances.


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