Porsche takes the lead in blockchaining the field!



Flashing news! Porsche has announced that blockchain will be soon integrated into its vehicles.

The automobile manufacturer has just established a partnership with Xain. This latter is Berlin-based startup that works on implementing Blockchain on the creation of vehicles.

It all started when Xain won the “Porsche Innovation Contest” on the subject of blockchain last summer.

The merging of blockchain in this industry comes up with rapid and secure services for drivers: according to the press release, it would allow direct offline connection, and the opening and closing of the car would become 6 times faster.

This will make it possible for automobilists to enjoy newly-introduced options that no other brand in the automotive industry offers via app on their Smartphone. Also, drivers will have the possibility to allow temporary access to use the vehicle via smart contracts which define the conditions and period of use.

It took courage of Porsche to shift from theory to actual applying to the blockchain technology on their automobiles. Currently, the implementation of the system is done and they’re testing it directly on the cars. If everything goes well, Porsche lovers will be soon able to enjoy their blockchained ride.


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