Recruiting Blockchain enthusiasts: A worldwide movement!


It’s been more than a decade that Blockchain entered our lives. Thanks to this revolutionary technology, we now live in a whole new era. However, this doesn’t mean that even great and marvellous inventions don’t face hard barriers. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, banned from being used in multiple countries and even from being promoted on facebook has been the highlight issue, in the bad news sections, during these couple of months.

We; humans can not fight our own nature. We’re built to doubt and question everything surrounding us. Our sceptical attitude is like a defense mechanism or a way to investigate news, ideas and projects that are being offered to us. Since the dawn of time our acceptance for new technologies or inventions wasn’t that great.

Our need to observe and test things before believing in their magic, was a need we couldn’t shake.

Isn’t this going to stop? It’s high time we took a leap of faith. The latter is all we’ve ever needed in order to succeed, even in our daily lives. A leap of faith and taking a risk are sometimes our tickets to a whole different future!

Will you join the “Blockchain boat”?

You’re now wondering if “boat” is the right word for this. Well, yes it is, at least in this story.

Back when the vikings used to exist, they were only allowed to raid the near villages or those that need travelling East to reach. And  then, the miracle happened: as the legend says, there existed a different man who was more brave than the rest of his army. He challenged the king and disobeyed his orders by just sailing West. This man believed in the existence of a new land West of Iceland. By the help of this new technology he found: a compass, he was able to figure out the East from the West while sailing on a boat. His people were afraid of being lost in the sea when the weather wasn’t in their favour. Little did they know, their leader followed the compass until he reached England. The latter had never been explored  for the first time by his people. So, he and  those who had put their trust and lives in his hands succeeded in doing so. Vikings at that moment realized the existence of other people on that magical and rich new land than the ones they already  knew existed..

Thus, the fierce leader’s name was never forgotten; the great Ragnar Lothbrock. He led his people to new destinations and new worlds for decades after that. From farmer to ruler to a legend he became. Those who accompanied him and took a leap of faith were rewarded and they lived an era of glorious raids and accomplishments. Books and TV shows were made to honour both: Ragnar and his people. They entered the history by just a small action that demanded courage and risk.

Has this got your attention yet? Or are you wondering where is this leading to? I just fed you a story that generations kept talking about. If you’re into history I bet you loved it and you want to reach out to me and discuss more of it because you clearly got my point. However, the rest of this article is dedicated to those who didn’t get the moral of the story just yet.

Those wondering why I chose to go with a villain’s story..why not mention the great inventions humans had created or discovered? The answer is simple. I don’t like typical topics or stating obvious examples. It’s not about comparing the vikings’ history with what Satoshi Nakamoto has invented. It’s about our mentality. Isn’t it high time we changed it? Think about those whom you know and exist in your daily life. Do they believe in the Blockchain world? If the answer is no, do me a favour and steal their minds and thoughts away. Start by choosing your own favourite superhero or villain, your call, and then link the moral of the story to our common cause: recruiting more Blockchain enthusiasts.  

An attempt to conquer the world: Blockchain technology is our weapon

People are programmed to listen and believe in the other person’s words more when he talked about what really sets his soul on fire. Choose wisely the example you’re going to mention, because people will keep their eyes on you and they will feel your energy. If they end up being inspired and motivated by what you said, they will definitely follow your lead and end up taking a leap of faith. Let the latter be our own  ‘code’ for: believing in Blockchain. See? More believers means larger network of users, and thus more minds and ideas that work on the same goal. A goal which will lead to new upgrades and new inventions in our world. We will be able to see more changes made if we start small.

They say if we want to make changes, we should start by changing ourselves. I guess we agree on the fact that we’re already deep in this new revolutionary Era. Our mission now is to persuade more great minds to join us!

It doesn’t matter how many companies’ names who implemented Blockchain you’re going to also doesn’t matter how many posts celebrities share on their social media to attract more individuals to cryptocurrencies’ world: because average people respond more to typical posts, for example fashion or football..

The problem has always been in how well of a story tellers we are!

You can now change the word “boat” , because you got the point. It’s a variable that changes and you’re the one responsible for picking your own word to replace it.

Find your own story to tell. Inspire those in your circle of trust and lead them to do the same. Let our Blockchain world expand and let’s conquer the world! Are you with me? Let’s go!


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  1. Great story. I agree with your choice of hero, as even a negative hero (villain as you described it) can have an effect on people. I believe this revolution will need a lot more courage then the vikings had to face. We are faced with the negative side of society every day. Go to work so you don’t become homeless. People need to be okay with having nothing which is a hurdle that we will struggle with in the end. We have been nurtured to fear chaos. Chaos in this instance refers to self sufficiency in a world of scammers, thieves and corrupt organizations. Definitely not a writer but I do have a lot of questions about adoption and helping to spread the word.

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