EBay’s interest in Bitcoin

EBay, one of the world’s biggest online marketplaces has recently announced that PayPal is no longer its main partner for processing payments. Instead, the company will deal with the Dutch company Adyen once its original partnership with PayPal runs out in 2020.

Adyen is in fact an outstanding payments company that powers e-commerce payments globally for businesses such as Facebook, Uber and Netflix. It also began to provide a mobile-payments tool for multi-billion dollar businesses such as Uber and Airbnb, two venture-backed companies that skyrocketed in market valuation over the past couple of years.
The Dutch company announced that it launched its point of sale (POS) solution in the United States. The fact that Bitcoin accepted Amsterdam-based payments technology provider Adyen BV, has helped expanding their next generation point of sale solutions to U.S merchants.


Speculations to contend

Adyen’s partnership with both, Bitcoin and EBay, makes a person wonder if Bitcoin will ever be a part of EBay’s platform, especially that the latter ditched PayPal. EBay it is acknowledging that now is the time to offer alternative payment options to both buyers and sellers that will help them track all of their transactions efficiently.
As of now, even though EBay’s executives aren’t sure about the company’s 2018 cryptocurrency policy, rumors and speculations are increasingly sprouting up in blogs and news websites

This is the era of digital payment methods and without the smallest amount of doubt with Bitcoin at their helm, cryptocurrencies will stay on the rise. So, if EBay opts in Bitcoin, it will be game changing for both: the marketplace and cryptocurrencies alike.


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