Ti-Value, the decentralized social media app based on the Ti-Blockchain


Have you ever asked yourself how an apparently free app like Facebook (or Instagram) makes such a huge profit? More like billions of dollars in Revenues? Well, they are trading on your digital crumbs we typically leave wherever we go on the internet. With around 3 billion active users out there, trading on people’s personal information is certainly a shady yet juicy business.

The Ti-Value alternative

The promise of a decentralized social media app comes from China, and specifically through the Ti-Blockchain startup. The project brings about a public Blockchain ecosystem that is based upon the Open Source Ethereum platform, along with decentralized cloud storage Storj.

In fact, Ti-value is one among many use cases of the new platform. Designed from the ground up with the user’s privacy in mind, Ti-Value matches existing social media apps in providing a platform for messaging and data sharing. It also supports a cryptocurrency as a means of spending: the T.V Proprietary token.

By combining a decentralized consensus mechanism with a private and secure platform, Ti-Value aims to get its users connected while securing their personal information from unnecessary exposure.

As of press time, Ti-Value is docked on kg.com, with their prototype up and running for a large Chinese user base.

Implications for the T.V cryptocurrency

The T.V token will fuel the value circulation on the kg.com platform, and, by design, provide a much-needed liquidity while boosting the coin’s market share and overall value.

In other words, T.V would act as a currency within the app and the platform. It would grant access to a wide variety of products, like mini-games, and premium content. It would also be the medium for trade or a simple treat to a friend on the platform.

Here’s a closer look at the Ti-Value app.

About the App

The app is already available for download, both for iOS and Android users from the Ti-Blockchain Website. The team is praised for developing a stable product prototype, even before the Token Sales Event. In fact, little startups offer such privilege to its customers, and that sends off a great message to investors.


The last software release 1.5.0 was made available on December 8th, 2017. I personally just downloaded the app from the website and installed it. It’s a rather net looking, well-designed product, that greets you with a video. It then offering log in / sign up options. The app is only available in Chinese for as of press time, and the developing team is working on an English release. For the time being, users in China are invited to test the release simply by entering their phone numbers, and email addresses for a quick KYC verification process.

A final word

Ti-Value brings about the promise of a new generation of social media platforms. This would empower users, and protects their privacy. While the clock is ticking before the sales event, every information seems to point towards a very promising project ahead of Ti-Blockchain. The team has put forth a great use case in the Ti-Value app. And we all stand to long for announcements and releases ahead.

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